QT Marshall On If He Saw Cody Rhodes Being A Big Star In WWE

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Pro wrestling veteran and AEW star QT Marshall recently spoke with Sportskeeda’s WrestleBinge on a number of topics including what his new role is with the company.

Marshall said, “So basically, by the end, when I say the end, by the end of like last year when I was about to exit, I wasn’t really doing as much as I was doing because we had Jimmy Jacobs come in. So we just go to work. I sit in the office with Tony, He bounces ideas and I gave him my opinion, but at the end of the day, he’s the boss. I think that’s more or less what this is about it is he understood where I was coming from in the sense of like, could I go get a job with WWE? I’m sure. I spoke to MLW. I spoke to a bunch of players. I’m sure I could get a job somewhere. but again, I think it’s, why do something else if I know that this is, like I already know this, I don’t want to say this devil because the AEW is not a devil, but like, I know this extreme. I know what this is. I’m comfortable with this and I can handle it. The report came out. I mean, we probably agreed to everything six weeks ago. I haven’t left my house since. It’s been since the second week of January, maybe, and I haven’t been to an AEW show and that’s been part of the idea because of all the other stuff I have going on. It’s, how can we kind of help each other and so on and so forth? I’m back to the same old position, Vice President of Creative Coordination and a lot of it is dealing with the talent and it’s getting the talent’s idea.”

He also talked about if he saw Cody Rhodes being a big star in WWE.

“I did. When he went back to WWE and I saw the reactions he was getting, and then, you know, gutting it out with a torn pack, that’s unheard of. The only thing I didn’t think, and he’ll probably be upset with me for saying this, was that he was going to turn my hero, The Rock into a bad guy. That’s a lot of power.”

You can check out Marshall’s comments in the video below.