Raven Reflects On Working With Paul Heyman, Heyman Being Upset He Left ECW

ECW legend Raven recently spoke with Wrestling Shoot Interviews on a number of topics including his experiences working with Paul Heyman.

Raven said, “Yeah Paul E. treated me well, paid me my money, yeah I love Paul E. you know? I have nothing bad to say about him at all, I think I did my best work with him, I think he did some of his best work with me, except for the stuff he’s done in the last 10 years, 20 years because I haven’t seen it. But up to that point I think it was some of the best work he’d done.”

On his exit from the company:

“My only bad memories were of when I left [ECW]. He was really upset with that and he really wouldn’t talk to me for a couple of years, and that bothered me. Then we got past it.”

You can check out Raven’s comments in the video below.