Ric Flair’s New “Wooooo!” Energy Drink Now Available

(Photo Credit: Carma HoldCo)

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has launched a new energy drink.

The mushroom-infused energy drink “Wooooo Energy!” from The Nature Boy, Carma HoldCo, and LGNDS is now available at woooooenergy.com. A six-pack of the drink costs $30, but you must be 18 to buy it.

The following press release contains information about the ingredients and flavour:

Out Now: Ric Flair’s “Wooooo Energy!” Mushroom Infused Energy Drink by Carma HoldCo x LGNDS

TAMPA, Fla., July 13, 2023 — Wooooo! Energy by Ric Flair is here. Celebrated by Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience as ‘F—ing tasty,’ the new mushroom-infused energy drink contains a blend of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Maitake, and Reishi mushrooms, to support immune and cognitive function, and provide clean energy without jitters or sugar crashes.

Wooooo! Energy is blended with Taurine, L-Theanine, and Gotu Kola Extract and balances 150 mg of caffeine with a modest 6g of sugar. Available now in Dragon Fruit, Lemon, and Strawberry Banana flavors.

Following his appearances on the Full Send Podcast and Men’s Health Gym and Fridge series, the public praised the 74-year-old, 16-time Champion, and 2-time Hall of Famer for his energy. Now, with the help of leading chemists and mixologists, everyone can experience Flair’s Wooooo! Energy.

“‘Wooooo!’ is more than Ric Flair’s iconic catchphrase—it’s synonymous with celebration. It symbolizes energy, excitement, and achievement. It transcended wrestling and is now a part of pop culture,” said Chad Bronstein, President and Chairman of Carma HoldCo. “And with ‘Wooooo! Energy’ we get to share Ric’s limitless energy with the world.”

Wooooo! Energy is available now in partnership with LGNDS at woooooenergy.com. A six-pack of the icon’s elixir can be yours for $30 for those aged 18 and up.