Rob Van Dam Compares Orange Cassidy To Himself, Reflects On The WWE Spinner Championship Belt

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam recently spoke on his podcast, “1 Of A Kind With RVD,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including if he thought the WWE Spinner Championship Belt made the belt seem less prestigious:

“I just always associated that with being John Cena’s belt. I never thought about or knew about the duration of the title reign, so I get where it seems like looking at that as representing the whole company for eight years seems like it had a really long run, but if he was the champion, or just losing it to chase it and grab it right back the whole time and it was really his, then I can see why that could have happened. That belt also is the heaviest belt that I’ve ever held. Out of all the belts, that thing, I don’t know why, but it was just extra heavy and also had little sharp points on it and so it would sometimes rip little holes in my outfit, so I had to be careful of that.”

On having to travel with a title belt or Money in the Bank briefcase:

“I only do carry-ons whenever possible, I almost never, ever, ever check a bag in. They do lose your bags when you check them in or they come later. It’s happened enough to me to where I would just like to have my bag with me so I squeeze everything into a little bag. That’s why something extra like a championship belt really takes away a lot of room, like, I might have to purposely not bring something else that I would normally bring, like, I don’t need my laptop. You know, it’s only a five day trip or something like that. In fact, when I had the Money in the Bank briefcase, I would use that as my carry on bag and I would stuff my socks and underwear and stuff in the Money in the Bank briefcase and put it overhead up in the compartment.” there.

RVD’s thoughts on Orange Cassidy”

“Cassidy is a version of me, you know, because he’s so laid back and relaxed and doesn’t give a f**k. I see that. When I first realized, you know, what was important to this guy, you know, his value system. Just looking at Orange Cassidy, I was like, yeah, they took one side, one perspective of me and fu**ing really exploited it into a new character and I like it.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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