Roman Reigns Addresses His Reluctance To Become A Babyface In WWE

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns discussed being broken by The Shield and becoming babyface during Sunday night’s A&E Biography: Legends episode.

Reigns said, “I didn’t wanna break up The Shield. And I definitely didn’t wanna be a good guy. That’s exactly what was happening. I was so young on the rise. It’s not like I had a nest egg built up. It’s not like I had a whole bunch of options that I can just say ‘No I’m not feeling this.’ This doesn’t feel good to me or I wouldn’t say this. It was so hard to do that.”

“When you don’t have that backup, when you don’t have that ‘f**k you’ money. And you can’t just stand on your art and your family is depending on you. Your livelihood is depending on you. You have to just be a good soldier and do what you’re told.”

There was also a moment in the documentary where Reigns got emotional as an audio clip played of his late brother Matt praising him.

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