Rossy Ogawa Says Triple H Inspired Him To Leave STARDOM, Addresses Kenny Omega’s Claims About Him

Marigold owner Rossy Ogawa recently spoke with Number Web on a number of topics including WWE Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque inspiring him to leave STARDOM.

Ogawa said, “Triple H told me, ‘I want to help you with whatever you want to do, whether it’s with Stardom or as a solo artist.’ He gave me the push I needed.”

On his exit from the company:

“I was starting to feel uncomfortable at Stardom. This isn’t what I was told, I couldn’t show my true potential. I was like a decoration, told to just sit here. Under my predecessor’s one-man system, people said that [I] was getting in the way with the AEW thing, and that’s the general perception, but that’s not true.”

On Kenny Omega’s claims about him:

“Kenny Omega is attacking me over there, saying things that aren’t true, but that’s defamation. He himself wants to be involved in women’s professional wrestling. But even so, if people who don’t know about it hear it, they’ll think, ‘Oh really?’ If you do that, you can’t stay in this world. Many people make various statements, but there are a lot of false statements. I think people enjoy wrestling while imagining things like this. I think it’s the price of fame. When WWE invited [me] to WrestleMania in April, American fans knew about [me]. I guess it’s because [I] was in the spotlight after this incident.”