Rumor Killer Regarding Brock Lesnar Signing A Contract With AEW

There was a rumor on’s message board that Brock Lesnar signed a contract with a company other than WWE which led to speculation that Lesnar had signed with AEW. Dave Meltzer ended up shooting down the speculation about Lesnar and AEW:

“Fiction. He [Lesnar] and AEW have never had a serious talk.”

During the Mat Men Podcast, Andrew Zarian commented on the matter:

“I can tell you right now that Brock Lesnar has not signed with AEW. They have spoken maybe once in passing, nothing serious what so ever. Everybody that I asked about this they laughed. That’s all I know. I can only tell you what they’ve said to me. I also know that Dave [Meltzer] said that it is not true, Brock has not already signed with AEW.”

“Brock is not signed with WWE. I know WWE wants him.”