Kenny Omega On Why He’s A Fan Of Roman Reigns

(Photo Credit: WWE)

AEW star Kenny Omega recently took to his stream on Twitch to talk about a number of topics including why he is a fan of top WWE star Roman Reigns and why he respect Reigns.

Omega said, “I’m not going to accept Roman Reigns slander in this chat. I think he’s incredible. I don’t think he’s boring either. I would actually say that I’m pretty jealous because Roman Reigns is presented in the exact same way that I would love to be presented. He’s presented as the man who is the champion to have big matches at the pay-per-views where you’re either really cheering for him or you’re cheering for someone else. That’s professional wrestling. He’s getting to do what I did in New Japan so I can’t be a hater on that. I’m a fan.”

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)