Ruthless Aggression Era Star Eyeing Possible Opportunities With WWE, AEW Or TNA

Former WWE star Chris Masters is looking for a contract with a major wrestling organization.

Most fans first saw Masters when he made his WWE TV debut in 2005, and he was immediately given a big push. He was released in 2007, returned in 2009, and was again released in 2011. He later worked for TNA and the NWA after working for several independent promotions. During his time away from WWE, he worked on his character and his in-ring work.

He is now 40 years old and hoping for another major promotion.

As seen in the video below, Masters says he’d like to see what’s going on in TNA, AEW, or WWE. There are several over 40 wrestlers signed and competing at a high level, so he could be approached by one of the major companies.

He stated, “[I’m looking to] see what’s out there for me. The last couple years I’ve been at NWA, [I’ve been] trying to develop myself and kind of evolve my character in every way I possibly could. And now I’d like to bring that to AEW, Impact Wrestling, and of course, WWE.”

In a video published to his Twitter/X account last month, Masters also seemingly teased the idea of him of being in the 2024 men’s Royal Rumble match.