*Spoilers* WWE Raw Taping Results For Tonight

Thanks to Jesse Wills for sending this in:

WWE Raw Results for 9/27/10:

We open with The Miz and Alex Riley vs. Daniel Bryan and his mystery partner John Morrison. The Miz and Riley pick up the win with the Skull Crushing Finale. After the match Miz and Morrison brawl outside and then Daniel Bryan gets involved. Now all three men are going at it. The GM stops them to announce a match that he just created Miz vs. Morrison vs. Daniel Bryan in a Submissions Count Anywhere Match at Hell in a Cell.

Laycool is out next for commentary for the Divas Battle Royal to determine the new #1 Contender. Natalya picks up the win.

Sheamus comes out to issue an open challange which was answered by the Great Khali. During the match Khali hits a huge chop on Sheamus that left a nice red hand print on the overly white skin of Sheamus. Sheamus loses it and gets disqualified outside the ring after hitting Khali with one of the announcer’s chair.

Edge is up next with the Cutting Edge. His guest on the Cutting Edge is the anonymous GM. They gave the computer of voice so it can talk to Edge. Some funny moments with Edge yelling at the computer. The computer makes it Edge vs. John Cena right now. They go back and forth for a bit and then Edge hits a spear for the win or so he thought. The computer tells Edge that Cena’s foot is under the bottom rope and shows the replay on the screen. The GM restarts the match and almost immediately Cena locks in the STF and gets the win. After the match Edge snaps and destroys the computer which gets a nice reation from the crowd. He even busts himself open with the computer.

Next we have Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs. Mark Henry and Evan Bourne. After they all four guys tag in and out a few times we get Gabriel and Bourne as the legal men when Evan Bourne moves out of the way of the 450 Splash and gets up to hit his Shooting Star Press. He goes for the pin and Slater pushes Gabriel over to help him roll up Bourne to steal the win. After the match Nexus beats down Henry outside the ring. Wade Barrett hits his finisher on Bourne in the ring followed by the 450 Splash. Barrett gets on the mic and says something along the lines of “We have always said you are either Nexus or against us. Well after Hell in a Cell John Cena won’t be against us.”

Up next is Drew McIntyre and Dashing Cody Rhodes vs. The Hart Dynasty. After some good in ring action The Hart Dynasty has Rhodes set up for the Hart Attack when McIntyre pushes Kidd of the top rope into David Hart Smith. Cody Rhodes then hits finisher for the win. After the match Hart Dynasty argue that ends with Smith storming off.

Next out is Chris Jericho. He talks about how he is going to beat Orton. Then in a classic Jericho fashion he then says he has beat every name there is and begins to name them all. Very similar to his Man of 1,004 holds for those of you old school Jericho fans. He is still naming guys he has beat as Orton’s music hits. Very good match with a lot of back and forth action with Jericho hitting the Lion Sault and locking in the Walls of Jericho but to no avail. Sheamus has made his way down towards the ring now as Orton starts to get the upper hand. Sheamus runs in the ring and the ref immediately rings the bell. After the match Jericho ends up getting the punt to the head to sell an injury angle (which Jericho sold well). Sheamus watches outside the ring as Orton stares him down. They take Jericho out on a stretcher.

After they take Jericho out we have Sheamus vs. Orton for the WWE Championship as the dark match of the night. Orton picks up the win with the RKO and poses with belt to end the show.