Sports Betting and Wrestling

In the ever-changing world of sports betting, where every match possesses the promise of riches, one particular contender has been rapidly emerging: Professional Wrestling. While traditionally reserved for sports in which outcomes are uncertain, such as football, basketball, and MMA, the WWE has stepped into the ring of sports betting, adding another layer of excitement to its already electrifying entertainment. Let’s unravel the intriguing intersection of where sports betting meets wrestling. 

Is Betting on the WWE Legal? 

First things first – betting legally on the WWE is dependent upon where in the world you are planning to place your wagers. In the United States, betting on WWE events is not legal due to regulations surrounding betting on predetermined outcomes. However, this does not mean that betting on the WWE is impossible in the US; it simply means that you may need to look for a sportsbook who is not bound by the same rules and regulations. While you cannot explore wrestling options on the top American sportsbooks just yet, certain reputable online sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, among others, fully cater to WWE betting needs, providing a diverse range of betting options and secure platforms to place your wagers. 

Which WWE Events Can I Bet On?

While WWE delivers numerous shows all throughout the year, betting opportunities tend to be focused on the Premier Live Events (PLE). These events typically take place twice a month and are usually accessible via pay-per-view or other streaming services. While only a handful of sportsbooks offer odds and markets on WWE’s weekly entertainment, such as SmackDown, Raw, and NXT, the spotlight is mainly saved for major events such as WrestleMania, Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble, and Backlash, which is steadily approaching at the start of May. 

How Will Sports Betting Affect WWE?

As WWE becomes more common in the world of sports betting, questions understandably arise about its potential impact on the organization as a whole. Reports have indicated that in an attempt to address this, WWE is understood to be working with firms like Ernst & Young to secure scripted match results, aiming to alleviate concerns about leaks and uphold the integrity of betting results. However, the dynamic nature of the wrestling storylines, which are known to be subject to last-minute changes by Vince McMahon, remains a challenge for ensuring confidentiality. 

Types of Bets to Place on WWE

WWE betting offers a wide variety of wagering options, catering to fans’ preferences and individual interests. Some of the most common types of WWE bets include: 

  • Moneyline Betting: Simple bets on the winner of a match
  • Parlay Betting: Combining multiple bets into one for higher returns
  • Props Betting: Bets on specific events or outcomes in a match 
  • Retain Title: Predicting whether the defending champion will retain their title
  • Brand Winner: Betting on which brand, such as SmackDown or Raw, will emerge victorious in inter-brand matches 

With a variety of betting avenues and international sportsbooks embracing WWE betting, fans can fully engage in the excitement of forecasting results and join the exhilaration of professional wrestling.