The Rock Reacts To Being Named Most Iconic WWE Superstar Of All-Time

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The Rock is the biggest icon in WWE history.

That is, according to 72 percent of WWE gamers.

2K held a poll leading up to WrestleMania XL regarding who is the most iconic WWE star of all-time, which as noted, 72 percent of those who voted picked The Rock.

The Rock Revealed As The Most Iconic WWE Wrestler

“The Final Boss” aka The Rock has been voted as the most iconic WWE Wrestler ahead of WrestleMania XL. According to a survey commissioned by 2K Games, 72% of WWE gamers voted The Rock as the most iconic WWE Wrestler.

In response to the honor, “The Final Boss” took to X to respond.

“Absolutely blown away,” he wrote. “Love you back. THANK YOU.”

Rock continued, “Pro wrestling is in my blood. Respect, passion, grit, love. 4L. Final Boss.”