The Undertaker On WWE: “I Think The Product Has Turned A Corner”

This week’s guest on The Undertaker’s “Six Feet Under” podcast is Chris Van Vliet.

Among the many topics discussed on the show was Taker’s invitation to appear on Joe Rogan’s podcast, despite Rogan’s prior lack of interest in professional wrestling. Taker joked that the interview with Rogan was what caused him some internal conflict.

Taker stated, “That was the infamous [time when] I called everybody soft. I got a little internal heat there for that one. They mistook that I think. I said the product was a little soft.”

The interview took place three years ago, long before any changes to the current WWE product. Taker said he received passive-aggressive tweets following the Rogan interview.

Taker praised WWE’s current product, saying, “I think the product has turned a corner…” Vliet joked that Taker’s comment about the product turning the corner would be the headline on websites.

Taker went on to say, “There’s a little more storytelling going on…and GUNTHER is my guy…two years ago he had about a 10-minute conversation with my little boy. My little boy is fascinated by him. Colt is fascinated by him. They had a conversation out of the clear blue and he sat there and just talked to him. That’s not why he’s my guy. He’s my guy because he knows how to work and tell a story. I’m real high on him.”

Vliet stated, “I’ve always loved Randy Orton. There’s something about the way that he works, the intensity that he brings. He makes it look so effortless. He’s my guy.”

Taker also commented on Orton, saying, “He doesn’t have bad matches…he’s so much smarter now. He knows he needs to take care of himself so he doesn’t do anything that’s unnecessary but it doesn’t affect the quality of his matches.” Taker added, “A lot of people are getting the rub from Randy.”

Regarding Ricochet, Taker said, “he’s fun to watch.” Vliet added, “He makes it look so easy, so flawless…I’ve loved him since he was Prince Puma when he was doing that Lucha Underground and then that match with Will Ospreay he had in New Japan that went viral. I love that style of fast-paced wrestling. Like, I can’t do that. I’m so impressed because I can’t do that. These guys are the best in the world…”

You can check out the complete show below:

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