The Undertaker Praises The WWE Women’s Division

During the Vince McMahon era, WWE’s women’s division was treated as a sideshow. That has changed in recent years, with the Triple H era placing an even greater emphasis on what women can do in the ring.

Rhea Ripley has been promoted as one of the company’s top stars. Bayley is an unsung hero, but she received flowers this year at WrestleMania XL when she was scheduled to defeat IYO SKY for the Women’s Championship.

The Undertaker has noticed the positive changes and incredible depth of the women’s roster. During an appearance on the “Six Feet Under” podcast, Taker discussed the depth of the women’s roster. Regarding Rhea Ripley, Taker said:

“She’s really coming into her own. She’s obviously had a nice year but I think she’s only scratched the surface of how good she’s gonna be. In the women’s division, you got Jade Cargill.” He also praised Charlotte Flair, who is currently out with an injury.

Taker praised Bayley’s work and said, “She kind of got stuck in a slot for a while. A lot of times when that happens, sometimes people kind of give up and they kind of end up and be content in that mid-card range. I was really happy for Bayley to get her flowers there and show there’s a lot of gas left in the tank there.” He added, “The women’s division is deep.”

Ripley has also suffered an injury. Becky Lynch won the vacant WWE Women’s World Championship via a battle royal last week on Raw. Another name who has stepped up is Liv Morgan, who appears to be positioned as a top heel.

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