The Undertaker Speaks Out About His Backyard Wrestling Character

The Undertaker’s latest “Six Feet Under” podcast featured Chris Van Vliet as a guest. Vliet has earned the respect of wrestlers and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Vliet told Taker that he wanted to be a wrestler and had started out as a backyard wrestler. Taker admitted that he, too, was a backyard wrestler.

He said, “Backyard wrestling. I got my start in backyard wrestling. I looked like Andre The Giant compared to the guys I was in the ring with. They were all guys that were never gonna go anywhere. They would be great in this day in age because there’s like a smaller wrestling base, I guess. These guys were teeny tiny and there was just me, 6 foot 8 and 320 pounds. I just looked like Andre compared to everybody else. Back then, whenever you got an opportunity to get in the ring, whatever it was.”

When Vliet asked Taker what his backyard wrestling name was, Taker replied, “Powerhouse. I had a Powerhouse Gym t-shirt. I was living the gimmick…I think it was even pink, too. That was before I had calmed my colors down.”

Vliet discussed his days as a backyard wrestler, his time as an entertainment reporter, and how this led to his first wrestling interviews. His first interview with a wrestler occurred 17 years ago, with Bobby Lashley.

You can check out the complete show below: