Thunder Rosa Looks Back On Her MMA Fight In 2019

AEW star Thunder Rosa recently spoke with Heel Squad on a number of topics including her MMA fight for Combate Americas in 2019.

Rosa said, “I remember all my family … my son was in the front row. The only thing I could think is, ‘Don’t get knocked out, and don’t get too bloody because your son is there and you’ll get embarrassed.’ That’s the only thing I can think of. They close the door and they put the lock in there, and I remember one of my friends says, ‘When that happens, you’re going to feel the closest to god that you ever felt.’ I swear to god it was true. There was no way to run away, you cannot run away … you’re just there, your opponent, and god.”

On touring with STARDOM in 2015:

“On my fourth match I got a major concussion and I was out for a whole month. That company was going through a transition, so the old trainer quit and then they had somebody new, and then they brought some veterans. I didn’t really know, I live in America so it’s different, I totally did something terrible to one of my Senpai … I didn’t sell, and I got concussed.”

You can check out Rosa’s comments in the video below.