Thunder Rosa Recalls Struggling With Live Promos, Improving Her Mic Skills

AEW star Thunder Rosa recently spoke with Maria Menounos on Heal Squad on a number of topics including her experience in Lucha Underground.

Rosa said, “The first season was a little rough, I’m not gonna lie. My English wasn’t very good, and I had to do live promos, which was my nemesis for years.”

On how she improved her promo skills:

“First of all, practicing, like public speaking. That helped me tremendously. Doing broadcasting, which came five or six years later. Then just being more comfortable and really making things my own. Especially if you have somebody that writes for you, that person needs to understand your character, and they need to understand you, too. So when you’re giving these promos, they come across as natural and original in the essence of you.”

On her recent promos:

“The last one that I did, it was a couple weeks ago before a big match for the championship. It was a five-minute promo. Believe me, I was like, ‘Lord, have mercy.’ I was told like three hours before, and somebody that really knows me very well wrote me the promo, and then I had one of the writers there edit it. He guided me and helped me to do it. Thank you Justin Carvey for that. It came out exactly what I wanted to say for the longest.”

You can check out Rosa’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)