Tiffany Stratton Opens Up About Dating Ludwig Kaiser

Tiffany Stratton, one of WWE’s newest main roster members, was recently interviewed on “INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet” about her NXT run and transition to SmackDown.

On performing The Prettiest Moonsault Ever:

“I did it in every single one of my routines (in gymnastics). It’s like a skill that everybody does in their routines. It’s part of your compulsory routine so I can do it in my sleep.”

On dating Ludwig Kaiser:

“We’ve actually been dating for, it’s gonna be two years in May. We kind of always knew of each other because we both were at the Performance Center. One day he was out and it was my birthday weekend, and I was out. We actually played rock, paper, scissors and the loser had to ask the person on the date. So he lost and he had to ask me on the date.”

On making her main roster debut:

“So I guess I kind of debuted at the Rumble. I didn’t really know that I was making my debut on the main roster. I had the Rumble. Then that Tuesday, I was kind of waiting to hear if I was going to be on NXT that night, and I wasn’t. So I asked them ‘Am I getting called up?’ They’re like, ‘Oh, we’re not sure.’ Then I get a text saying that I have travel for SmackDown. Then I asked, ‘Am I called up?’ They’re like, ‘We’re not sure.’ Then Friday, I got the confirmation that I was being called up and then I had my in-ring debut and the rest is history.”

On entering the Royal Rumble:

“I was extremely nervous for the Rumble. I just feel like, I don’t know, it’s the first time that the main roster fans kind of got to see me. I was kind of worried nobody’s gonna know who I was, you know, coming from an NXT. It was awesome. I tried to be in the moment and it was a super amazing experience for me.”

On Becky Lynch helping her:

“Overall Becky is such a great leader for everybody, and especially for someone who’s kind of just getting their name out there and stuff because she was there. She knows what it’s like to be the rookie and be the one like, nobody knows who you are. I just think she was so helpful in kind of guiding me through those big matches.”

On who she feels would be a dream opponent for her:

“Obviously, I’m going to have to go with Charlotte Flair. She is the reason why I got into wrestling. She’s my inspiration. I really look up to her, but also Bianca Belair. I think me versus Charlotte versus Bianca would be such a cool matchup. I feel like we all kind of have similar styles in the ring. I’m really looking forward to those two for sure.”

On winning the NXT Championship:

“So that day, I’m trying to remember. I’m pretty sure it was a bit chaotic, which is like every single TV. I honestly was just so nervous. I actually did not like my gear at all that day. I just didn’t like the fit. I didn’t really like the color. When something doesn’t look amazing on you and it’s a big moment, it’s kind of like, ugh, so that was kind of a little downer, but yeah, that day, it was intense. Afterwards, honestly, I had no feeling. Like, I was numb. I feel like it didn’t hit me until I came back and then I got emotional. It was my longest match I’ve ever had so I was so tired. I was so blown up. I was just exhausted. I hurt my shoulder a little bit, but all in all, it was a great day.”

You can check out the complete interview below:

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