Tony Khan Addresses Ricky Starks’ Status With AEW

Ricky Starks has been absent from AEW television for several months, leading fans to speculate on his future.

Starks was last seen in action on the March 30 episode of AEW Collision, where he suffered an injury scare that resulted in Top Flight winning the bout that Starks and Big Bill were supposed to win. Starks previously stated that he is not injured and has no explanation for why AEW has not used him.

While speaking with SHAK Wrestling, AEW President Tony Khan stated that he would love to have Skarks back.

Khan said, “I think Ricky Starks is tremendous. I’d love to get him involved and back in AEW anytime. He’s been a huge part of what we’ve done here for about four out of the five years, and tons of respect for Rico.”

Khan also discussed the challenges of dealing with talent injuries as Double or Nothing 2024 approaches.

He said, “That’s definitely one of the challenging things about pro sports, including pro wrestling. A major injury can derail a team’s season and it can affect wrestling plans, and certainly, we’ve had these kinds of things. As you said, it was unfortunate Adam Cole got injured right at the peak of a lot of exciting things happening with him and MJF. Jon Moxley, also that same night, was injured in the middle of his run with Orange Cassidy. And while Jon Moxley was the International Champion, it definitely affected some things. Great to have most back wrestling this weekend on Double or Nothing. And we can’t wait to have Adam Cole back in the ring. And then certainly other injuries along the way. Like you alluded to have come up, you know, it’s very unfortunate. Eddie Kingston got hurt going into this pay-per-view. He is a huge part of AEW, and he would have been great as team AEW. I think that with Eddie out, Darby Allin stepped up, and that’s one of the great things with such a deep roster. When you have one person hurt, Sometimes you have another person who’s rushing to get back and is willing to go the extra mile for the company, and that’s definitely Darby Allin.”

You can check out the complete interview below: