Tony Khan Calls AEW’s Continental Classic The Most Fun He’s Had Working On Something

AEW President Tony Khan took part in a media call prior to the Worlds End PPV last Saturday night to talk about a number of topics including how the inaugural AEW Continental Classic tournament was the most fun he has ever had working on something.

Khan said, “When you do an experiment, there’s an experiment group and a control group, and for me the control was everything we’ve been doing… The nature of [the Continental Classic] is a very sports-based presentation and it has some changes from the [G1 Climax], for example.”

“When I look at the tournament itself, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had working on something. It’s been so tremendous and such a highlight of the holidays. For me, it really put a smile on my face on Christmas to go back and watch some of it with my family.”

“The experiment was increasing the allocation of this very meat-and-potatoes, sports-based, old-school pro wrestling at its finest, in my opinion. The experiment I think has been very successful, and it has yielded really interesting results.”

You can check out Khan’s comments in the video below.