Tony Khan Calls “Hangman” Adam Page The Greatest AEW Champion

AEW President Tony Khan commented on AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page, during an appearance on the Rasslin’ podcast:

“I believe the top prize in all of pro wrestling, against the greatest champion we’ve had, Hangman Page. The guy who knocked off Kenny Omega, he’s come in and he’s had, in my opinion, the best championship reign of anybody.”

Khan also talked about what he thinks has been the best feud in AEW to date:

“That’s arguably right there [CM Punk vs. MJF], that is also a long-term story, and certainly with the fans there, that has been the best. But I think going back even further and longer, before that we had seen Kenny Omega and Hangman Page from the very first episodes of AEW Dynamite. That’s where they first teamed in Philadelphia, the third-ever episode of the show. And through the pandemic, it was such a huge part of our fabric. They were the tag team champions through the pandemic and then split up. The first eliminator tournament was Kenny vs. Hangman for the first time since they’d been champions, where they met in the final at Full Gear 2020, a great show in front of a socially distanced crowd. So, it’s a long story.”

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