Tony Khan Talks About AEW Promos Not Being Scripted

In an interview with the Le Batard & Friends South Beach Sessions podcast, Tony Khan talked about the lack of scripting in AEW:

“I think that’s kind of part of the appeal of the show, it’s old and it’s new, it’s like the newest, most exciting, fast paced, high flying wrestlers of today, and it’s new and it’s old in that, our promos are, we’re almost like the Curb Your Enthusiasm of wrestling because I really don’t believe in sending a wrestler out there with a 10 page soliloquy and a script to memorize, and I find when I watch other wrestling shows it’s often like painful to watch people talk, and sometimes these are really charismatic guys that could hold like a really, really, really interesting conversation, but they’re being force-fed dialogue that no actual human being would ever say in a realistic, conversational situation, and somehow, these guys, we’re supposed to believe them, and believe in them, and when I was a kid, I would have never gotten behind someone that was reading that kind of a script. I really believed in the charismatic wrestlers of my childhood.”