Triple H To London Mayor Sadiq Khan Regarding WrestleMania UK: “Let’s Talk”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

John Cena may get his wish for WWE to host WrestleMania in the United Kingdom in the near future.

Cena kicked off this idea a year ago during a Money in the Bank segment with Grayson Waller, in which he delivered an AA to the young star. Throughout the segment, Cena expressed a desire to bring WrestleMania to the UK.

WWE has been using a strategy of having cities bid on major events such as WrestleMania to capitalize on the economic benefits these events bring to the area. WWE President Nick Khan recently stated that the company intends to hold more premium live events overseas while keeping larger events in the United States.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, recently pledged to campaign for the city to host WrestleMania if he is reelected.

Triple H responded to his comments by stating, “Let’s talk.”