Veteran Wrestler Believes MJF “Could Be A Superstar” And Doesn’t Need “The Crude Stuff”

(Photo Credit: @JJWilliamsWON)

The first episode of Magnum TA and Greg Gagne’s YouTube show is now live. The two wrestling legends shared stories from their careers and their thoughts on some of today’s wrestling talent.

Greg Gagne on MJF:

‘Sometimes he gets too far out. He doesn’t need to do that. He’s got the personality. He’s got the heat. He’s got everything he needs. You don’t need some of the crude stuff he throws out there and insulting people. He just doesn’t need that. He’s very good in the ring. He can tell a story in the ring. He can give you a hell of a match. Now if he could just get that interview down like Samoa Joe did without using all the language and the bad words and all that, he could be a superstar.”

Magnum TA on Cody Rhodes:

“Well, he’s the ultimate prodigal son. So here he was, you know, created in this image of Stardust and really did an incredible job with the character they had him portraying, and, you know, completely dissatisfied with the quality of what he was able to bring out for himself with the WWE and they wouldn’t listen to him and they didn’t have any interest in his thoughts or his vision of himself.”

“So for him to voluntarily take himself out of an environment, go out and recreate himself in the indie world on such a grand scale that he and a group of young men get together and start AEW and then build a brand that all of a sudden is competing with a billion dollar industry, and then walks away from that very thing that he created to bring the story full circle back to where he wanted that story to end. I mean, he is a classic of all classics.”

“His dad has got to be smiling from ear to ear watching every step of his journey because he’s a consummate showman. He’s got his dad’s business savvy, his charisma, and his athleticism has never been in question. I’m a little prejudiced because we have a little connection from back in the day. I did hold him at his christening when he was a little baby and I’m very proud of him for what he’s accomplished all by himself. He didn’t get a handout. He didn’t get there because of his name. He got there in spite of his name as a matter of fact because he had to overcome a shadow that would have engulfed most people and swallowed them whole because there was nobody greater in the presence of the wrestling fan than his dad. He developed a character that didn’t have to compete. He developed something that was his own brand and he calls it the American Nightmare, but to me, he is the epitome of everything his dad ever wanted to accomplish.”

You can check out the complete show below:

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