Will Lola Vice Be The Next Big Star Of The WWE Women’s Division?

Lola Vice made her debut on WWE television back almost a year ago to the date. In her first televised match, she suffered a loss to Dani Palmer on Level Up. However, fans noticed something special about the former MMA star, and have taken a liking to Vice.

During her time in NXT, Vice has become one of the most over women’s talents on the roster. Picking up wins over the likes of Dani Palmer, Karmen Petrovic, and Kelani Jordan, Vice would go on to be the Women’s Breakout Star of 2023 and this could be a major sign of things to come.

Lola Vice will be the next big star of the WWE Women’s Division

Switching from Mixed Martial Arts to professional wrestling is not a task that will always be easy, there have been many examples of it not translating over well. However, there have been many success stories, such as Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, and perhaps one of the best, Brock Lesnar.

In less than a year, Vice has grown a tremendous amount in the ring, probably even more than some fans would expect the former mixed martial artist to grow. The potential Vice has to be the next big star of the WWE Women’s Division is astronomical, for quite a few reasons.

Currently on NXT, Vice has been paired with Elektra Lopez. Lopez is not a slouch in the slightest, and Vice teaming with Lopez has been great for both women’s careers. However, that all comes to a head next week, as Vice will face off with her former tag team partner in a one-on-one match.

Vice already knows how to garner attention, and that can be seen on her social media accounts already. On Twitter, Vice has nearly 250K followers, but that’s not all. On her Instagram account, Vice already has over a million followers. She brings eyes wherever she goes, and her ability to garner attention will get her far in the world of WWE.

However, Vice is still just getting her feet wet in the ring. She already has the skill to back up a lot of what she says on the mic. For being just one year into her career, Vice has come into her own very well so far in the ring and out. Her in-ring style is terrific, as she can perfectly blend her background in taekwondo and MMA into professional wrestling. Every time Vice steps in the ring she improves, so you know it’s something she’s taking seriously.

Also, WWE is always trying to grow its demographic. Vice’s background is a Cuban-American. She is the first female Cuban-American to sign in the WWE. As WWE continues to grow in other markets like India, and in the Latino market, Vice could be a top women’s star to build around for years to come.

There are many reasons as to why Vice has all the makings to be WWE’s next big star. However, perhaps most importantly she has the look, the skill, and the background that they love to build around, and most importantly, can get over with the crowd. This is something that has hindered some other talents, like Roxanne Perez with the NXT crowd.

However, Vice is showing that she won’t just be another flash-in-the-pan talent. She is going to be a major player in the WWE for years to come. While I don’t expect her to be main roster bound anytime soon, Vice will be there in due time and could be a future WrestleMania main eventer waiting in the wings.