Wrestling Veteran Believes AEW Should Get A Manager For Kazuchika Okada

Pro wrestling veteran Kevin Sullivan recently spoke on his “Tuesday with the Taskmaster” podcast about a variety of professional wrestling topics including how AEW should hire a manager to speak for Kazuchika Okada and how the manager’s only job is to get Okada over.

Sullivan said, “I think he’s very, very talented. I would say he’s up there in the top ten for the talent, right now. If his English is poor or non-existent, do you think he’d be better served if he spoke Japanese and they had crawls on the bottom? How do you put him over and yourself over in a two-minute interview? How do you elevate him to your level? And this isn’t a bad thing, it’s great to have great talent, but they better be looking for a slick-talking manager for him … You better protect your investment and you better find somebody that compliments him, and that’s only his job to get Okada over, not splitting it. Come on, let’s put it under a microscope and turn it in and dial it in.”

You can check out Sullivan’s comments in the video below.