WWE’s Latest Signing Expected To Debut On TV Soon

WWE is looking forward to the future with new talent after WWE WrestleMania 40 and Stand & Deliver. The teases for Bo Dallas and Sheamus’ return began on Monday’s RAW.

The WWE Draft, which will see stars switch brands and NXT talent called up to the main roster, is also scheduled to take place soon. The company also has previously sent main roster talent down to NXT.

Fightful previously reported that Jacob Fatu is the latest to join WWE after leaving MLW, where he was a top star. Fatu reportedly informed others that he had signed with the promotion on Wednesday, causing him to be pulled from a scheduled GCW appearance last Saturday. He wrapped up with MLW in February at MLW SuperFight.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that Fatu will be making his television debut soon. It is unclear if it will appear on the main roster or in NXT.

Meltzer said, “Well, he signed with WWE. And he’s going to be starting soon and getting a push from what we understand.”

Bryan Alvarez added, “So that is official, he has signed?

Meltzer continued, “Yes, it was official that he has signed.”