WWE Main Event Results – March 7, 2024

WWE Main Event Results – March 7, 2024

Candice LeRae vs. Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green pulls Candice LeRae down by her hair and then walks over her back while talking to the crowd then tries to run as LeRae charges.

LeRae takes Green down and then gets a series of armdrags before she gets a two count off a basement dropkick.

Green rolls to the apron and catches LeRae giving chase with a kick.

Green yells at the fans again and that lets Candice plant her face first on the apron.

LeRae heads up top and gets a missile dropkick for a two count then she kicks LeRae’s face into the bottom buckle.

Green chokes in the corner with boot to the throat and then hooks a chinlock.

Green walks into a back elbow and gets caught with a snap German suplex to leave both women down.

LeRae starts to fire up with a series of clothesline and a back splash in the corner.

Step up back splash gets a two count before Green with a slap to the face but LeRae blocks a charge in the corner and gets another dropkick.

Moonsault from the middle ropes misses and Green gets two with her feet on the ropes.

Indi Hartwell broke that up then a roll up by LeRae for a two count.

Chelsea ducks a clothesline and hits Hartwell with a baseball slide.

With Hartwell out of the picture Green gets another roll up with her feet on the ropes for the win.

Winner: Chelsea Green

Tag Team Match
Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus) vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang)

Julius Creed starts with Mark Coffey & Coffey controls early. Julius takes Coffey down and makes the tag to Brutus Creed.

Double gutbuster from Creed Brothers and that bring Wolfgang in and Creed Brothers try to top each other with slams and standing moonsault.

Brutus with a with a double sledge but he misses a blind tag to Wolfgang before a Stun Gun drops Brutus as we head to a break.

After the break Joe Coffey gets in a punch from the outside and that gets a two count.

Wolfgang works a submission for a bit and then tags in Coffey & comes off the top rope.

That gets two and he follows with a side headlock before Coffey hits a back elbow and buries a knee to the back for another two count.

Brutus powers out of a side headlock and gets a modified Angle Slam.

Hot tag to Julius and it’s suplex time as Gallus take suplex after suplex and Julius hits a double northern lights suplex.

Standing Shooting Star Press gets two before Joe distracts Julius which leads to a blind tag.

Mark hits a side kick and Wolfgang gets a backsplash then Wolfgang gets a slam into a kind of cutter for two as Brutus makes the save. Mark gets sent to the floor with a backdrop.

Another suplex to Wolfgang which brings Joe back onto the apron.

Julius decks him and with Wolfgang all alone this one ends with a Brutus Ball for the win.

Winners: Creed Brothers