WWE Making Changes To Their Production Following Kevin Dunn’s Departure

Numerous internal changes have occurred at WWE, and these changes are beginning to show on WWE television.

WWE recently announced the hiring of Lee Fitting as Head of Media and Production, following the departure of Kevin Dunn, the long-time WWE head of production. Fitting’s hire has had a greater impact over the last week, including last Monday’s Raw and Friday’s SmackDown.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, the most obvious sign of the change has been two videos on RAW and SmackDown, one of which featured Chelsea Green and Piper Niven confronting Kayden Carter and Katana Chance in a club. Another segment aired on SmackDown, with Butch teasing a name change to Pete Dunne, his old gimmick with Tyler Bate. There was also a segment with Kevin Owens, who was promoting his feud with US Champion Logan Paul.

According to the report, Triple H allowed Jeremy Borash to put together a team in NXT away from Dunn’s radar over the last few years and was pleased with how they turned out, so when Dunn left, it opened the door for that style of video to air throughout WWE’s programming.

Those they spoke with who assisted in the creation of the promotional materials praised the new process and the freedom it provided. The article went on to say, “One source noted that under Dunn, the segment would have likely cut away to several different things, but the new method was to let the characters breathe, and the segment to play out.”