WWE NXT Level Up Results – December 8, 2023

(Image Credit: WWE)

WWE NXT Level Up Results – December 8, 2023

Brooks Jansen vs. Dion Lennox

Match starts off with a lock up and Brooks Jensen backs Lennox to the ropes and offers a clean break then a another go and Jensen gets a side headlock.

Lennox reverses and avoids being shoved off by taking things to the mat. Jensen rolls over to get a one count then they get to their feet and Jensen lands a forearm.

Lennox back with a knee and then back to the side headlock before Jensen lands an elbow but gets caught with a series of dropkicks. Lennox throws Jensen across the ring but tries one too many dropkicks and misses. Jensen sticks a neckbreaker for a two count.

Jensen throws Lennox throat first into the top rope a couples times and lands a knee to the face then Jensen tries another neckbreaker but Lennox drops to a backslide for a two count. He works to get a backdrop and Lennox goes crazy with dropkicks again.

He plants Jensen with a spinebuster and gets a version of the Attitude Adjustment for a two count before Jensen avoids a suplex from the apron and gets a DDT.

He heads up top and lands a knee to the face for the win.

Winner: Brooks Jansen

Gigi Dolan vs. Jaida Parker

Gigi Dolin lands a forearm to the face and gets a dropkick to the back as Jaida Parker was trapped in the ropes then Parker sends Dolan into the middle turnbuckle and throws some chops. She wedges Dolan between the buckles in the corner and throws a chop.

Modified backbreaker follows and then a heavy forearm to the back then she gets a two count and then buries a knee in the back while cranking on the neck before a another knee in the back and Parker slaps Dolan around a bit.

She uses the hair to take Dolan down again but misses a leg drop then Dolan rallies with some knees and forearms before a head kick stuns Parker follow by Gigi Driver to get the win.

Winner: Gigi Dolan

Tag Team Match
Charlie Dempsey & Drew Gulak vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Charlie Dempsey & Malik Blade starts this match and Dempsey with a side headlock but he gets shoved off then runs Blade down but Blade flips him across the ring. Another go and Blade with a side headlock. Dempsey counters easily and makes the tag to Drew Gulak.

Dempsey & Gulak double Boot before Blade slides in from the apron and makes the tag to Edris Enofe. He drops a few elbows for a two count then Gulak goes after the arm but Enofe knocks him down with a shoulder and makes a blind tag to Blade.

He comes it with a dropkick for a one count before Dempsey gets in a shot from the apron but it didn’t work as Blade punches him and then drops Gulak as well before Blade makes a bad decision as he goes after Dempsey on the floor.

He gets run into the apron and Gulak comes out with a baseball slide then back in the ring Dempsey gets the tag and he works over the back while also trying for pins to win the match before a gutwrench suplex connects then Gulak back in and he gets a two count.

He stretches Blade as they continue the work on the back and ribs then a running clothesline from Gulak followed by an overhead belly 2 belly suplex.

Dempsey had the blind tag and gets a bridging suplex for a two count then lands an European uppercut in the corner but gets caught with a clothesline that leaves both men down. Hot tag made to Enofe while Gulak gets the tag as well.

Enofe rides wild and catches Gulak with a knee to the jaw before a Perfect Plex gets a two count then Gulak with a headbutt to the ribs but Enofe lands a DDT.

The double team Blockbuster/Spinebuster only gets two as Dempsey makes the save then Blade with a slingshot dive to the floor on Dempsey.

Damon Kemp & Myles Borne try to get involved so Blade hits a dive over the top to the floor on Borne & that leaves Enofe alone though and they hit a modified double team Razor’s Edge for the win.

Winners: Charlie Dempsey & Drew Gulak