WWE NXT Level Up Results – March 15, 2024

(Image Credit: WWE)

WWE NXT Level Up Results – March 15, 2024

Lola Vice vs. Carlee Bright

Lola Vice & Carlee Bright lock up to get this match started and Vice takes Bright to the mat rather easily. Bright back flips her way to create space but Vince hooks her by the waist and puts her back on the arm.

Bright pushes off but Vice comes off the ropes with a shoulder block before Bright flips out of another move hooks a side headlock and takes Lola to the mat.

Spinebuster from Vice then she chokes in the corner with her boot and follows with a snap suplex for a two count.

Bright with a roll up for a two count but tries another double leg and Vice slugs her down.

Bright blocks a suplex and gets a small package for a two count before Bright with a series of clothesline and then a jumping kick before a backflip kick in the corner connects.

Carlee comes off the top rope but gets kicked in the gut on the way down.

Vice shakes her hips and gets a butt splash in the corner follow by Vice Grip for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Lola Vice

Tag Team Match
The Family (Luca Crusifino & Stacks) vs. Drake Morreaux & Javier Bernal

Javier Bernal starts with Stacks and they fight over arm control before a shoulder block from Stacks connects so Bernal tags out to Drake Morreaux.

They lock up and Morceaux tosses Stacks across the ring then mows Stacks down with a shoulder. Press Slam is escaped and a blind tag is made.

Luca Crusifino grabs an arm and Stacks lands a kick to it then a backstabber to the arm from Crusifino.

He comes off the middle rope with a double ax to the arm to continue the arm work.

Morceaux throws Crusifino off the middle rope and gets a clothesline with the good arm while selling the bad arm. Tag to Bernal & he gets a slam for a two count so he transitions to a front facelock.

Crusifino breaks for a second but gets dropped and trapped back in the facelock.

He fights to his corner but Bernal delivers a knee and then knocks Stacks off the apron.

Crusifino gets dumped by the ropes and Bernal hits a superkick then springs off the top rope with an elbow drop for a 2 count.

Tag back to Morceaux and he sends Crusifino hard into the corner then again as Crusifino continues to be lawyer in peril.

Charge in the corner misses and Luca gets a shoulder tackle of his own before he gets the hot tag and Stacks is rolling.

Running boot to Bernal and an elbow from the middle rope to Morceaux.

Both teams start brawling in the ring. Luca with a superkick to Morceaux and he sends Bernal the floor. Stacks with Cement Shoes on Drake for the win.

Winners: The Family

Sol Ruca vs. Wren Sinclair

Wren Sinclair does a cartwheel before we get a lock up to and Sinclair gets a hammerlock. Sol Ruca escapes and counters into an overhead wristlock.

Wren tries to counter but Ruca fights that off for a second before Sinclair is able to get the hammerlock again. Ruca escapes and gets a one count and it’s a stalemate.

Sinclair with a trip and she plants Sol on her face for a two count. Sinclair misses a charge, so Ruca gets a trip and slingshots in from the apron with a basement dropkick.

Ruca hooks a side headlock then works a side headlock on the mat for a bit but Sinclair gets a headscissors to counter.

The pace picks up as they hit the ropes and avoid charges and clotheslines but they each for a crossbody and connects in mid air.

Sinclair crawls over for a two count before Sinclair works the neck as Ruca tries to fight her way out.

Sinclair switches to a modified Cobra Clutch but Ruca escapes and gets a roll-up for two.

Sinclair counters for her own two count. Ruca uses the ropes to push off and get another two count. Sinclair a roll up for two. Sol with a dropkick before Sol Snatcher gets the win.

Winner: Sol Ruca