WWE NXT Results – June 4, 2024

– Announcers are Booker T and Vic Joseph.

– Earlier today, we see “All Ego” Ethan Page arrive at the arena and meet with NXT GM Ava. He says he’s honored at the treatment he’s receiving and asks if she’s ready to sign hi to a contract.

– We see a recap of the happenings from last week’s episode, including the debut of Ethan Page, who revealed himself as behind the recent attacks as well as the debut of TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace.

Jordynne Grace versus Stevie Turner

– Reigning NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez, who Grace faces at Battleground, is at ringside for commentary. After Turner gets some offense early, Grace shows off her power with multiple slams and hits the Juggernaut Driver for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

– After the match, Roxanne enters the ring and goes face-to-face with Grace, hoisting her title above. The two trash talk each other before Perez shoves Grace and only to get the favor returned. Before Grace can hit her with a slam, Perez slithers out and gets away.

– Outside, we see Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson. Trick Williams is shown walking up and he asks Lash if they have seen Ethan Page around. Lash says she hasn’t but he’s probably inside talking to Ava. Trick says he’s going to go handle Page and Lash runs down all the people Page has attacked. Lash says whatever it is between them, it’s done, it’s over. She has an opportunity to become the Women’s NXT North American champion. Trick says he gets it and he’s happy for her; do whatever it takes to get that title but he’s going to take care of Page.

– Backstage, we see Shawn Spears talking to some of the new, young hopefuls in NXT. He says they have the background designed to succeed and calls out Uriah who is a fourth generation superstar (is it three?) – those are big shoes to fill with a long road ahead. And Je’Von, all that athleticism at only 20 years of age. He’s interrupted by Josh Briggs who tells them not to listen to Spears while bringing up what Spears said last week. Spears asks him “Who is Josh Briggs?” and all he’s doing is showing his insecurities and misguidance. Spears walks away as Je’Von holds back Briggs, tell him not to worry about it.

– In the ring, the new Women’s North American championship and Booker T is there to host the Summit. He asks who is going to be the first person to be the champ and asks them what they are going to do to make that happen. Michin says ever since the title was announced, she just knew she had to be the first champion.

She knows what it takes, she’s had her face shattered, her face broken in a ladder match. She loves being in NXT, she gets to be the HBIC. Michin is interrupted by Jaida Parker who says if Michin gets close to the title, she will beat her black and blue. Fallon Henlry says its her type of match, she doesn’t have to carry around a tag team partner and this is a title that was created just for her. Kelani Jordan says nobody wants that title like her, nobody wants to take a risk like her or put their body on the line like her. The people deserve a champion like Lani. Booker T asks them all to reset for a second. Booker T then hands it over to Sol Ruca. She says she was just sitting back letting everyone else insult each other. But they are all going to be wrong, she won’t say anything to cut any of them down except five skulls will be smashed on Sunday. Finally, Lash Legend says it’s been a rough couple of weeks for her but Sunday is about her going from potential to being the champion. Jaida brings up Trick and then the Summit then breaks down and a brawl breaks out between all the women. Referees break it up while Mr. Stone runs down and announces a six woman tag team match tonight. Joseph wonders who these women will get along just six days before Battleground.

– Earlier today, we see Charlie Dempsey staring in the mirror when Myles Borne shows up and asks him what’s going on. Charlie asks him if he’s been listening in on him and Myles says he has, the best he can. Charlie asks Myles to go get and Damon and bring him here but Damon pops in. He says it’s weird that they are talking to each other through a mirror. Charlie tells Damon he wants him to make him proud by winning back the Heritage Cup for the family, capiche? Damon says he doesn’t even know what that means but Charlie makes him say it in any way.

– Backstage, we see Thea Hail screaming with Riley, Andre and Duke. Riley and Duke reveal they aren’t going to be out there, confusing Thea who says they are Chase U and always there for each other. Andre says he will be there. Ridge Holland shows up and accompanies the duo to the ring.

Thea Hail vs. Jazmyn Nyx

– Thea is accompanied by Andre and Ridge. Both women get in their offense until Riley and Duke appear through the crowd, causing Thea to lose some focus. However, Thea locks in the Kimura but Nyx backs them up into the corner against the referee, forcing a break. Nyx then nails the Pele Kick and gets the three count for her first win in NXT.

Winner: Jazmyn Nyx.

– When we come back, exclusive footage is going to air of an incident that took place at the NXT merchandise truck right before the show went on air.

– Backstage, we see Ethan Page and Ava come out of the GM’s office. Page says he appreciates the generous offer but don’t forget about one tiny detail. He says he has all the leverage and he’s pretty sure he’ll get it. Ava says keep telling yourself that. We then see Mr. Stone tell Ava about the six-woman tag team match. He suggests spicing the match up but they can discuss that later. They talk about Page and his unreasonable demands, with Ava calling him a nightmare.

– We see the footage at the NXT merchandise stand where we see a brawl break out between the tag team champions and their challengers this Sunday at Battleground. We are told that thrown that The Good Brothers, Karl and Luke, out of the building so their match tonight won’t happen. The match on Sunday is still on.

– The cameras rush to the back where see Shawn Spears has laid out Josh Briggs with a chair. Je’Von Evans shows up and Shawn warns him not to do it and the two brawl all the way to the ring. Referees try to break it up but Spears clears the announce table and tries to get Je’Von but he reverses it and hits a back body drop on Spears. Evans then further beats him up with a Springboard Cutter before sending Shawn flying to the outside via a clothesline.

– Backstage, we see Tony D’Angelo and he is stopped by Sarah Schreiber, who asks him about his upcoming match defending his Heritage Cup. D’Angelo says these are different matches but Luca schooled him on all the rules of the Catch Clause. The D’Angelo Family is in control.

Tony D’Angelo vs. Damon Kemp (Heritage Cup Championship Match)

– The match of course will be contested under Heritage Cup rules. Clock starts and Kemp almost gets a quick fall right off the bat with a second attempt at the 30s mark. He pumps himself up with Dempsey and Borne, giving D’Angelo a chance to briefly turn the tide. D’Angelo picks up the first fall after hitting the Fuggedaboutit into a pin. Tony D’Angelo – 1, Damon Kemp – 0.

– When we come back commercial, we see footage from round two where the match broke down as both men had to be separated by their respective allies. For some reason, it’s Round three and still 1-0, so I have no idea what happened in that second round. It appears time ran out before everyone separated them.

– The third round sees Tony hoist Kemp on the turnbuckles but Kemp sends Tony to the mat and hits a rolling Death Valley Driver but before he before the ref can get to the three count, the round ends. It’s still D’Angelo 1, Kemp 0.

– The fourth round starts with Kemp charging at D’Angelo but the latter catches him and slams him to the mat with a spinebuster for a quick pinfall just seconds in the round to end the match. Tony D’Angelo 2, Damon Kemp 0.

– Backstage, GM Ava is with Kelly Kincaid. Ava says she wanted Ethan Page to sign the contract in her office just like everyone else but Page wants to sign the deal in front of the entire NXT audience. But she still needs to approve a few things before he calls an NXT superstar. Trick Williams enters and says give Page whatever he wants and he is going to be there to see that Page puts pen to paper. Ava’s phone rings and she excuses herself saying it’s Sexyy Red.

– Backstage, we see Michin and Jordynne Grace meet up. The former TNA stars hug and ponder how they are both now in WWE. Sol, Jaida Parker, Arianna Grace and Tatum Paxley all appear and not much of importance really happens as we go to commercial.

– We see a lengthy video package recapping the feud between Shayna Baszler and Lola Vice and their upcoming NXT Underground match at Battleground. They both hype themselves up, citing their past successes in transitioning from MMA to wrestling.

Natalya vs. Izzi Dame

– Natalya is accompanied by Karmen Petrovic while Dame is already in the ring. Match quickly heads outside where Dame sends Nattie into the ring steps. Back in the ring, the two exchange near falls. Natalya hits a powerbomb for another two count, then attempts the Sharpshooter but it’s countered and they exchange some more counters before Natalya hooks Izzi’s leg and gets the pin.

Winner: Natalya.

– Moments ago in the backstage area, we see the NXT tag team champions – Nathan Frazer and Axiom – emerge from a door, leaving the area. They wonder if they will be able to defend the titles after the attack by Gallows and Anderson earlier today. Frazer says they will show up at Battleground, injured, and kick their asses anyway. Axiom says they will see Gallows and Anderson on Sunday.

Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe vs. ???

– We come back from commercial and see Tyson and Tyriek waiting for their opponents in a darkened ring. Gallus shows up from behind and beats them up.

– The Gallus trio of Wolfgang and Joe and Mike Coffey take the mic. Joe says sorry, not sorry, wrong time, wrong place. Mark says this week they are all back unlike last week when Wolfy was banned from the ringside area. Joe says that if they had a million followers or took selfies with Ava or played another sport, maybe the WWE Universe would have supported them. He feels that if Wolfgang was allowed at ringside last week, it would have ended in another win. Mark says they are not here to be social media influencers or for online clout and Wolfgang says that the next generation of NXT stars are ruining everything for them. Joe says they have business to take care of on Sunday

– Oba Femi emerges from the back and says these trio has caused chaos across NXT and he would be foolish to consider them anything less than a threat, especially when Wolfgang and Mark aid Joe. He’s interrupted by Wes Lee, who is shown in the audience. He says he has to go through three angry Scottish men to get his title back before having to deal with the most dangerous man in the business. Gallus attacks Femi while all this is going on so Wes comes to the ring but the two of them are overpowered by the Gallus trio.

– Backstage, we see Sarah Schreiber interview Lexis King. He talks about laying out Dante Chen’s ass out last week after losing the match. As he’s talking, Chen shows up and the two brawl as Schreiber makes a hasty exit. The two end up fighting into an adjacent room with various people already in there as officials break the up. King tells Chen they will finish this once and for all.

Lash Legend, Kelani Jordan & Fallon Henley vs. Jaida Parker, Sol Ruca & Michin

– Sol and Jordan start off the match and they exchange head scissors. They jump around a little and Jaida tags in and they wrestle a bit until they grab each others’ hair. Lash with a missed splash leading to a near fall. Neither Sol or Michin wants in, but Jaida tags Michin who delivers a side headlock, shoulder tackle and takes down Lash with a head scissors. Jaida ends up arguing with the ref and it allows Fallon to hit Michin in the back with a knee. Lash then tags in Fallon, while Jaida and Sol argue. Fallon chokes Michin and then tags Lash back in who hits two hard Irish Whips. Finally, Michin tags out to Jaida and Lash to Kelani and they exchange punches. Match progresses some more until Jaida tags Michin back in and more near falls result from both sides. At some point, Jazmyn Nyx and Jacy Jayne make their way to the ring. Back in the ring, Sol and Fallon are tagged in and they both hit clothesline to take each other down. Michin and Jaida in the ring now too and Lash tags in. Amid chaos, Sol hits the Sol Snatcher on Lash for the three count victory.

Winners: Sol Ruca, Michin & Jaida Parker.

– Backstage, we see Ava walking and reviewing the contract to Ethan Page. Stevie Turner stops her and says the match tonight was not fair and asks for another match next week. Ava doesn’t answer and says she has to go and leaves.

– Backstage, we see Ethan Page walking and the commentators wonder if he will sign his contract or not.

– We come back from commercial and see an Eddy Thorpe vignette. He says when he looks in the sacred fire, he sees memories and his ancestors fighting for everything. Eddy says he is fighting more than winning matches and he is fighting for representation. His body and his mind have ben cleansed and he’s back in NXT with a clear mission to execute. He says his eyes are open.

– Back in the ring, we see NXT GM Ava in the ring waiting for Ethan Page. She introduces Page but he takes a while to come out amid a chorus of boos. She says this isn’t how she likes to handle business, but against her better judgment, she is making an exception. She wants to get it finished. Page thanks Ava as the fans chant for Trick. Ava urges to Page to hurry up. Page says Ava needs to get used to Ethan Page calling the shots because if he signs the contract, he’s going to get a lot of perks that other wrestlers don’t get and they won’t be happy. Page says he is tired of waiting around for opportunities but Ava should be happy as she’s about to sign the wrestler with the most upside. Ava says she’s not signing any contract with “these demands” and Page says will sign them, including with those demands. Page points to NXT losing eight stars in the WWE draft and they need Page to become the face of NXT and to take the brand to new heights and to their new home. Page says he could have sat on his ass and collected a paycheck for the next two years but he isn’t about that. He wants the opportunity, he heard in NXT talent grants opportunity. Page says that Ava knows that he deserves the ego that he has and so far he hasn’t said anything tonight that is opinion; he’s just spittin’ facts. Trick Williams comes out.

– Page tosses the table they are sitting at aside. Page says he only showed up to handle business not get thrown through a table. Trick tells Ava to give Ethan Page whatever he wants, and let’s give everyone in this building what they want – for him to whoop Page’s ass. Trick says this is his house and he’s been in NXT through the ups and downs with the fans and a few others in the back. Page must be crazy to come to his house and jump the line, jump the NXT champ. Trick says open your ears but before he can say anything, Page interrupts him and reminds him that once again, he’s here to do business. He says while he has every right to be pissed off. However, he thinks that Trick and he have more in common than he realizes. He saw Trick with Carmelo Hayes and the spotlight on Carmelo – a position he says he’s been in. Except Trick was able to break out, and he respects that. However, with the title comes with a giant tiger and the spotlight that he craves. Page says his attack was simply giving himself an opportunity. With that, he asks for the contract from Ava and signs it. Trick tells Ava to sign it but she says she can’t agree to these stipulations. Page reveals that if Ava signs the contract, she is giving Page a title match against Trick at NXT Battleground as well as the end of the Whoop That era. Trick says Page can’t end nothing and he pretty much accepts the match at Battleground. Ava then signs the contract, making it official.

– The show ends with Trick and Page face to face, jawing at each other with the NXT title hanging in the balance.