WWE Registers Trademark For New Term

(Photo Credit: @mkslash1241)

WWE has secured the trademark rights for a new term.

WWE filed for it on February 23, and the trademark is listed with the USPTO for production and editing services. Here’s the description:

“Mark For: THE STUDIOS AT WWE™ trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of media production and editing services; hosting, operating and leasing of studio production facilities, production stages, production technologies, production equipment, production control rooms, audio rooms, camera controls, playback rooms, editing suites, post-audio suites, green rooms, talent dressing rooms and office space, virtual production stages, in-camera applications, and virtual production; multimedia entertainment services in the nature of recording, production and post-production services in the fields of video, films and music.”

This is in relation to the company’s new 30,000-square-foot studio complex, The Studios at WWE. This is Crystal LED Verona’s first facility in the United States, with 158 cabinets installed along the main wall and on auxiliary carts.

The Sports Video Group has a report on the facility. The “five studios include a 5,000 sq. ft. main studio, a 1,500 Cyclorama studio, a 1,500 sq. ft. volumetric LED studio (to open later this spring), and then two smaller insert stages that are around 600 sq. ft. each (there is also a photo studio that is around 1,000 sq. ft.).”