WWE SmackDown Review – June 30, 2023

WWE Smackdown Review – June 30, 2023

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles Match
Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (c) vs. Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson & Elton Prince)

Sami Zayn & Kit Wilson lock up to get this match started then they go back & forth with submission holds before Zayn delivers an arm drag. Wilson rains down right hands then tags in Elton Prince. Prince sends Zayn’s head crashing into the announce desk as the action spills to the outside as we go to a break.

After the break Wilson delivers a knee to Zayn’s throat and tags in Prince. Zayn lands a back body drop then tags in Kevin Owens & he fires off right hands on Prince then delivers a series of stomps and clotheslines him out of the ring then delivers a clothesline to Prince before delivering one to Wilson and following it up with a senton.

Owens & Prince slide back into the ring and Owens nails a cannonball then he sets up for a Stunner but Prince escapes and delivers a pair of chop blocks. Wilson tags in and lands a Codebreaker with some assistance from Prince then tags him back in. Pretty Deadly executes Spilt Milk and goes for a pin but Zayn breaks the fall.

Wilson tosses Zayn out of the ring but Owens dumps him out and delivers a German suplex to Prince. Zayn & Wilson tag in and Zayn lands a Blue Thunder Bomb. Prince & Wilson switch places using their apron technique allowing Wilson to surprise Zayn and roll him up.

Zayn kicks out then catches him with an Exploder and sets up for the Helluva Kick but Prince tries interfering but Owens nails a Stunner. Zayn then delivers the Helluva Kick on Wilson for the win.

Winners & Still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!)

Non Title Match
United States Champion Austin Theory vs. Ridge Holland

If Holland wins he gets a United States Title Match.

Match starts off with a lock up then Ridge Holland sends Austin Theory crashing into the corner then delivers a right hand to his spine and follows it up with an uppercut then lands a double underhook delayed vertical suplex and whips Theory into the corner.

Theory sends Holland into the ring post shoulder first then delivers a series of stomps but Holland responds with a series of double underhook suplexes then delivers a forearm. Theory sends Holland’s shoulder into the top rope then delivers a shotgun dropkick for the win.

Winner: United States Champion Austin Theory (Since Holland lost he doesn’t get a United States Title Match)

After the match Theory continues to beat down Holland but Sheamus runs down to the ring to make the save.

After the break we head to a video recapping everything that has happened with The Bloodline over the past few months.

Bayley vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Bayley wastes no time as he delivers a kick to Shotzi Blackheart’s midsection then delivers a right hand. Blackheart fires back with a Bulldog and a knee to Bayley’s head then follows it up with a kick to her head.

Bayley slides out of the ring and strategizes with Iyo Sky & Blackheart sets up for a tope suicida on both of them. Bayley ducks out of the way and Sky gets hit with it.

They get back in the ring and Bayley lands Bayley 2 Belly then goes for a pin but Blackheart reverses the momentum. Bayley kicks out and rains down right hands then sets up for a suplex. Blackheart counters into a DDT then delivers a senton in the corner and follows it up with Sliced Bread.

She goes for a pin but Sky gets Bayley’s foot on the bottom rope to break the fall. Blackheart gets in Sky’s face & that allows Bayley to rake her eyes and deliver Rose Plant for the win.

Winner: Bayley

After the break we see Blackheart blindside Damage CTRL backstage but they gain the upper hand and suplex her into a table before Bayley cuts off one of her braids.

Grayson Waller introduces Logan Paul & Paul makes his way down to the ring.

Waller asks Paul what it would mean to him to win the Money In The Bank Ladder match and Paul says it would mean a whole lot in London. He says his dreams don’t end until he captures gold and when he wins the contract, he can call his shot on anyone he wants before adding that he might even smack LA Knight’s head with the briefcase.

Knight’s music hits and he heads down to the ring. He tells Paul that while he’s proven a lot with everything he’s been given, that’s the key. He says he hasn’t been given anything, yet the world jumps to their feet because he made it that way. He says he respects that Paul can make a name for himself on social media but he’s standing in his ring and the odds are in his favor because he’s the one and only megastar.

Paul asks who he is the megastar to, and says all he was supposed to be is a manager. He says Knight is lucky he’s even addressing him.

LWO’s music hits and Santos Escobar marches down to the ring. He says while Paul wants the briefcase and Knight thinks he’s won it, he needs it.

Brawling Brutes’ music hits and Butch runs down to the ring & he levels Paul and brawls with him as Escobar levels Knight.

Triple Threat Match
LA Knight vs. Butch vs. Santos Escobar

Santos Escobar & Butch are going at it in the ring before LA Knight joins the action and fires off stomps on Butch in the corner. Logan Paul has taken a seat at the announce table and Knight is sent tumbling onto the apron. He delivers a spear to both Escobar & Butch then plants Butch. Escobar ascends to the top and goes flying to take down Knight then delivers a hurricanrana to Butch.

He catches Knight with one of his own then delivers the running knees to both men and sits Butch on the top rope. He hits another hurricanrana and goes for a pin but Knight kicks out. He then delivers an elbow drop to Escobar then tosses Butch back in the ring and gets in Logan Paul’s face.

Escobar lands a tope suicida on Paul before Butch catches him with an enziguri. Escobar ascends to the top rope but Butch catches him with a right hand and follows it up with Bitter End for the win.

Winner: Butch

After the match Butch grabs a ladder and looks to climb it. Knight dumps him out of the ring and looks to climb up himself but Paul sends him shoulder first into the ring post and does the same. Butch dumps Paul out of the ring then ascends to the top of the ladder and unhooks the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Women’s Title Match
Asuka (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair fires off chops then she looks for a big boot but Asuka counters into a German suplex. Flair delivers one of her own then kips up. Asuka looks for the Asuka Lock but Flair counters into a roll up. Asuka kicks out and Flair catches her with a big boot. Asuka then lands a backstabber as we go to a break.

After the break Flair ascends to the top and sets up for a moonsault but Asuka rolls out of the way and delivers a kick to Flair’s knee but Flair fires back with a Spear and goes for a pin. Asuka kicks out and the action spills to the outside.

Flair climbs up to the top turnbuckle and delivers a moonsault then follows it up with a series of chops in front of Bianca BelAir. She looks for a big boot but Asuka ducks out of the way and Flair hits BelAir instead. She then plants Asuka onto the apron before an irate BelAir interferes and rains down right hands on Asuka.

Winner By DQ & Still Women’s Champion: Asuka (STILL CHAMPION!!!!!)

After the match BelAir clears the announce table but a frustrated Flair gets in BelAir’s face and tells her that it’s her match. BelAir hits her with a right hand but Flair returns the favor. She then sends Flair into the ring post and plants Asuka on top of the announce table with a KOD. She delivers another one to Flair that sends her crashing on top of Asuka.

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns tells London to acknowledge him then says it’s been a long time. He says he’s allowed The Usos to say that they’re the ones for 2 years but in reality, he’s the one. He says he’s the only one and calls himself the greatest of all time. He says he’s the only one who loves and cares for The Usos then says he gave them countless opportunities and allowed them into the promise land. He says he’s the only one in his family willing to give them a 2nd chance and says he will give them as many chances as they need as long as they bow down to him, acknowledge him and apologize.

The Usos’ music hits and Jimmy Uso says Reigns has things twisted. He asks if Reigns really thinks they’re trying to get back in The Bloodline and says they’re past acknowledging and apologizing. He asks Reigns if he’s thought about the consequences of losing then says he’ll get pinned tomorrow night. Jey Uso says Reigns will be the only one out tomorrow night and says he won’t be Tribal Chief anymore when he loses. The Usos say they don’t want to assume Reigns’ role but Solo Sikoa has their vote to do so.

Reigns asks The Usos if they think this is a game before he begins berating Jey. He tells him he is nothing without him and Jey shoves him. Jimmy then catches him with a superkick before Sikoa dumps Jimmy out of the ring. Jey rains down right hands on Reigns as officials run down to the ring to break things up. Reigns delivers a Superman Punch to Jey and both teams continue brawling to close out Smackdown.