Xavier Woods Comments On Why He Needs To Be WWE Speed Champion

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star and New Day member Xavier Woods spoke with the company shortly following his WWE Speed Match against NXT Tag Team Champion Nathan Frazier on a number of topics including securing a title shot.

Woods said, “You know your boy does not lose in tournaments. I just became the number one contender for the Speed Championship. Some of you might be wondering what that even means. The Speed Championship is another championship that WWE has to offer. You become champion, you make more money. You become champion, that is how you build your legacy. Yes, I am a tag team specialist. Yes, I am a member of the greatest tag team to ever exist in this industry.”

On why he needs to be Speed Champion:

“Yes, but the problem that I’ve had for years, for 11 years, the 11 years since I’ve been on the main roster, to be exact, is that I have been unable to hold a singles championship. So for me, this is just not a championship to parade around on Twitter, to parade around in the back and show everybody how cool I am. This is a championship that will help me begin to define my legacy. It’s soon about to be the era of Xavier Woods.”

You can check out Woods’ comments below.