Hey, Database Professional, Pass Microsoft 70-462 Exam and Prove Your Expertise!

This article covers all the details about the 70-462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases exam. This test is for those database experts who can carry out tasks, such asconfiguration, installation and maintenance. We, at Pearson IT Certification, provide the candidates with various study tools. They include the exam profile series. These profiles are designed by our highly trained experts and authors who have a good experience. This will assist the students by providing information on the type of questions focusing your attention towards the difficult areas.This helps you out by suggesting additional study materials. The article will help the individuals be fully prepared and pass thiscertification exam.

Whyshould you take this exam?

As mentioned before, the Microsoft MCSA 70-462 Practice Test is intended for those database professionals whose basic responsibility is carrying out maintenance, configuration andinstallation tasks. These specialists can install database systems and can ensure that they will keep running with efficiency. They also guarantee that the stored data is stored properly, backed up on a regular basis and that this data is safe. The candidates for the exam are those specialists who are responsible for:

  • Deploy SQL Server
  • Audit SQL Server instances
  • Configure additional SQL Server components
  • Install SQL Server and related services
  • Back up databases
  • Implement column store indexes
  • Configure and manage SQL Server instances
  • Implement a migration strategy
  • Implement the High-Availability and Disaster Recovery solution
  • Maintain a database
  • Import and export data
  • Implement contained databases
  • Configure SQL Server services
  • Plan installation
  • Maintain indexes and data partitions
  • Manage and configure databases
  • Operate database snapshots
  • Manage server logins and roles
  • Manage database permissions
  • Run SQL Server Agent alerts
  • Manage SQL Server Agent jobs and operators
  • Create, manage and design log files
  • Manage database roles and users
  • Optimize queries
  • Restore databases

When you passthe Microsoft70-462 exam, you can receive the MCSE or MCSA certificate(s).

Microsoft 70-462 Exam: Key points

  • The number and type of questions

There will be approximately from 45 to 55 questions in this test. Microsoft does not ensure that this is the number of questions that you will get and they can change it without notifying you. Thus, be prepared. In this exam, the type of questions is usually multiple choice with multiple answers, but there may be some other formats.

  • The passing score

The passing score for this exam is usually 700. However, this does not mean that you need to answer 70% of questions accurately to pass as the actual percentage will vary. The good thing about Microsoft tests is that you do not have to worry about incorrect answers as no points will be deducted. Hence, you are free to take a guess. Some questions are included by Microsoft to accumulate data, which will help them in modifying and improving their test. These questionsare not counted in your score. If a question states that you have to select multiple answers, so you will have to select the stated multiple answers to get the point.

  • The time limit

In most cases, Microsoft gives 2 hours/120 minutes to complete the exam.

Microsoft 70-462 Exam: Difficult areas

People are different and so are the things that they find hard to deal with. Thus, every candidate who plans to take this test should be familiar with itstopics.Microsoft suggests to its users that they should use the virtualization technology. This will assure that they are licensing merely to the power that they require for the operation of SQL Server 2012. In case you do not require all of the power, Microsoft will permit its users to license software at a VM personal level. In this way, you can isolate a part of this computer power on the larger server and license only the virtual cores, which are developed in that virtual operating system environment. In the case of local installations, the administrator needs to run the setup. You need to use a domain account that has a complete license on a remote share to install this server from it.

Microsoft 70-462 Exam: Preparation suggestions

The first advice is to study the examobjectives so that you are acquainted with them. This test (Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases) is for the professionals who have some experience in the field. Find all the available details about the exam at the Microsoft site. You can get online assistance through the websites and blog articles. However, you need to be careful about the information online. Make sure that it is accurate. We are against looking up answers on the Internet. The reason is that there are high chances that you will be asked those questions and also because these answers may be incorrect. Furthermore, you need to get a grip on the information to prepare adequately.

We also advise the candidates to read the exam questions carefully before starting to answer them. Microsoft is known for including unnecessary information. Besides, when you click on your choice of answer, make sure that the choice is marked. In some cases, when clicking near the scroll bar, the selected choices may change or be incorrectly marked. Furthermore, they provide you with a marker and paper for making notes. Hence, by managing your time efficiently, you can write down notes, facts and tables. There is also a questionnaire that needs to be filled and it doesn’t affect your time limit.


In conclusion, the Microsoft 70-462 exam is not easy and you have to study with determination and effort. It is important that you are well prepared beforehand so that you do not have any difficulty on the day of the test. Stay focused and follow our recommendations. Good luck!