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Linda McMahon’s journey to become a United States Senator came to an end this evening as Democrat Chris Murphy won the Senate seat in Connecticut. This marks Linda McMahon’s 2nd attempted to become a Senator, failing both times. In an attempt to become a Senator, Linda McMahon and the McMahon family spent nearly $50 Million. If you take into account the the previous election, Linda McMahon and the McMahon family have spent nearly $90 Million to try to become a member of Congress. Linda McMahon has now spent more moneyRead More

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Linda McMahon Spends Over 42 Million In Senatorial Race

Linda McMahon has reportedly spent $42.6 million on her bid for the US Senate. Seriously. Documents filed with the Senate revealed McMahon’s expenditures, which are approaching the $50 million she spent during her 2010 run. McMahon had said after her first campaign that she wouldn’t spend nearly as much on a second campaign due to increased awareness of her, but campaign manager Corey Bliss argued that she’s competing with super PACS and the national Democratic party who are helping Chris Murphy in his campaign. “The facts are, Congressman Murphy andRead More
– So far, Linda McMahon has spent $28 million on her current senate campaign. In total for both campaigns, she has spend $78 million. – Zack Ryder posted the following on Twitter today, “SAVE THE DATE…1/11/13…Episode 100 of Z! True Long Island Story! #finale?”Read More
- Quinnipiac University has released new polling data that shows Linda McMahon is currently leading her Democratic challenger Chris Murphy 49% to 43% in a battle for one of Connecticut’s United States Senate seats. “The poll is good news for Linda McMahon. In our first likely voter poll in Connecticut, McMahon has a 3 point advantage in a too-close-to-call-race. Her edge is due to her double- digit lead among independent voters and being close among women, a group she struggled with in her 2010 run,” said Quinnipiac University Poll DirectorRead More
- As reported earlier this week, the woman portraying Claire Lynch—purportedly pregnant with AJ Styles’ child—on Impact Wrestling is Julia Reilly, an Orlando, Florida-based actress and model. She is 36-years-old and has 15 years of acting experience. TNA Wrestling held an audition a few months ago for the role and she was chosen because she resides in Orlando, where Impact is taped, which saves them money on airfare. Reilly also works at Universal Studios Orlando—where Impact is taped—as Olive Oyl by the theme park’s “Popeye” ride. It is something ReillyRead More
- Big Show is featured in a public service announcement promoting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s anti-drunk driving campaign, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.” – Donald Trump congratulated former WWE chief executive Linda McMahon on her triumph in the Connecticut GOP Senate primary on Tuesday. The eccentric billionaire wrote on Twitter, “Congratulations to Linda McMahon on her victory in the Connecticut Senate primary. She is an amazing woman–smart as you get!” – Former WWE Superstar Edge is today’s featured Superstar on The WWE Hall of Famer isRead More
linda-mcmahon published a brief article noting that former WWE chief executive Linda McMahon won her GOP Senate primary on Tuesday night after spending almost ten times as much as her opponent and $61 million over the course of two campaigns to try to win the seat for U.S. Senator from Connecticut. When McMahon campaigned in 2010, she broke Connecticut state records for out-of-pocket spending by splurging $50 million of her own money—and still lost. This time around, McMahon spent over $11 million to defeat former Representative Christopher Shays by aRead More
- After Shawn Michaels was loaded into an ambulance following last night’s RAW, WWE’s website spoke to Triple H, who was concerned for his friend. Triple H said Shawn was at a hospital and his arm is broken. Triple H had words for his SummerSlam opponent Brock Lesnar and said he better show up on Sunday because it’s personal. – We noted earlier that former WWE talent AW spoke with about his release and says he was fired for last week’s Linda McMahon tweet. In an interesting tidbit fromRead More
As A.W. predicted, his original Twitter account was suspended after the terminated WWE Superstar posted a multitude of messages disparaging his former employer and Vince McMahon’s wife Linda McMahon. A.W., however, set up another account under his real name, Brian Jossie, at BJRatedR and has continued to sound off on the sports-entertainment organization as well as Linda. Jossie believes WWE had his original account shut down, writing, “Yeah the #WWE shut down my old account. It’s all good. It was fun while it lasted.” When asked whether the account wasRead More
- Due to pressure from her detractors as she tries to become a US Senator, Linda McMahon has released her and Vince McMahon’s 2011 tax returns. The returns show earnings of $24.1 million in 2011 – a drop from the $30 million they earned in 2010. The report that they released will be amended soon as the McMahons are waiting on a report from some investment incomes. The 2011 tax returns show they paid about $3.6 million in federal taxes and $1.72 million in state taxes. – After much speculation,Read More
The Greenwich Time reported today that Vince and Linda McMahon are down $500 million due to the drop of the company’s stock price. The stock price was $18.64 a share in 2010. At the current $7.86 a share, the value of their 46 million shares has dropped to a little over $360 million, down from almost $860 million. Critics feel that the McMahons care more about winning a Senate seat than they do about their shareholders with Linda giving up her position as WWE CEO to run for US SenateRead More

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More On Kharma’s Release From WWE Revealed; Details

As previously reported, Kharma is done with WWE and her profile being moved to the alumni section of the WWE website is not part of a worked storyline. In an update on this, she was reportedly released sometime last week. We’re told the release was finalized on Thursday or Friday. Kharma has reportedly told friends that that the company wanted to give her time to clear her head following the emotional year she had. She recently suffered a miscarriage and also got engaged. While she is no longer onRead More

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WWE Responds To Allegations Of Encouraging Steroid Use & More

A Connecticut newspaper writer has once again drawn the ire of WWE for editorial remarks they feel are inaccurate and damaging to their corporate reputation. In a May Darien Times editorial criticizing Linda McMahon’s United States Senate campaign, Joshua Fisher dismissed WWE’s product as “barely above pornography.” The article drew a strongly-worded response from WWE in defense of their product, which led Fisher to point out televised incidents that could be defined as pornography, such as Edge and Lita’s unprecedented Live Sex Celebration and Trish Stratus stripping her clothes offRead More

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WWE Wants Federal Elections Complaint By Newspaper Dismissed

WWE is firing back against Connecticut’s Journal Inquirer newspaper, which filed a formal complaint with the Federal Elections Commission after WWE accused them of libel for claiming Linda McMahon made her fortune with WWE, a company “barely above pornography.” The Associated Press published the following article this week regarding WWE’s request for the FEC to dismiss the complaint: HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The professional wrestling company that Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon once oversaw now wants a federal elections complaint filed by a Connecticut newspaper dismissed. The WWE, formerly knownRead More
Former Connecticut Rep. Chris Shays took aim at U.S. Senate frontrunner Linda McMahon and the content of WWE programming several times during an hour-long Republican debate at the University of Connecticut Thursday, saying that the wrestling organization’s stories are the real “war on women.” At two points, he referred to McMahon’s husband, Vince McMahon, making a woman—Trish Stratus—remove her clothing and bark like a dog during a skit. “I think when you force a woman to take off all her clothes in an arena, and get down on the groundRead More

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Jesse Ventura Says Vince McMahon Is Mad At Him; Talks On Linda correspondent Chris Yandek sent this in: In his latest interview with, Jesse Ventura discussed numerous political, entertainment and wrestling topics among other things. Speaking with Chris Yandek and Jay Bildstein, the former Governor of Minnesota says Vince McMahon got mad at him because he wouldn’t support Linda McMahon’s failed United States Senate run in 2010. He hasn’t spoken to Vince since. “I haven’t spoken to Vince since he got mad at me ‘cause I wouldn’t endorse Linda for the senate…He got mad at me because I was onRead More

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WWE Want Bodybuilders, WWE Interest Down, Linda McMahon

- There is said to be a “call to arms” for WWE to recruit big bodybuilder types that they can make into stars. – The Sports Business Journal recently polled 1,100 major sports decision makers on their views of boxing, UFC and WWE on whether they have more interest now than in 2007. For boxing 7% said they did, 41% said they had the same interest and 53% said they had less interest. For UFC 29% said they had more interest, 39% said they had the same interest and 32%Read More

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Dr. Wrestling:The Chris Jericho Incident

A few weeks ago during the WWE’s tour of Brazil, Chris Jericho was wrestling WWE champion, CM Punk and during the match a Brazilian flag was given to him from the fans. Jericho, the heel in the match, kicked the flag in an attempt to get heat from the crowd, which is usually what a heel is supposed to do in a match. However, the flag incident created a major controversy, reportedly almost getting Jericho arrested at the event. As a result of the flag kicking, Jericho was suspended forRead More

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Linda McMahon Responds To More Negative Attacks On WWE Past

United States Senate candidate Linda McMahon has been under attack in recent weeks due to her ties to WWE, with two newspapers comparing the wrestling product to pornography. Democrat Susan Bysiewicz, a prospective candidate for the same office Linda is running for, gave a speech last Thursday saying, “I’ll be damned if I let someone who sells sex and violence and pornography for a living be our next United States Senator. We have to send the right woman to Washington.” The McMahon campaign quickly responded with a great deal ofRead More