Advantages of Electric Cars Over Diesel & Petrol Vehicles

With every dawning day, the adoption of electric cars continues to increase steadily as more people understand the benefits that electric cars come with. In 2018, there were 3.4 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road worldwide, and that number has grown by a staggering 64% to date, with over 5.6 million electric vehicles. 

Like any other new form of technology, adoption takes time. If we take the case of the gambling industry, the first online casino games were developed in the early 2000s, but they weren’t popular with players right away because they couldn’t match what was on offer in land-based casinos. 

However, after two decades, technology has advanced, and the games have gotten so much better, besting even what is available on land-based casinos. Online slot games such as Book of Dead by Play’n Go and Ramses Book from Merkur/Gamomat may even have a similar theme but offer two different gaming experiences for players. This is a reflection of how quickly things change where technology advancement is involved. 

Similarly, if you asked petrol heads about what they felt about electric cars in the 2000s, the response they had then and right now after twenty years are totally different. Heck, even motor vehicle manufacturers like Volkswagen are planning to go fully electric by 2026 because they have realized that EVs are the future. Just in case you aren’t convinced why you should switch to an EV, read on to discover the advantages that you are currently missing out on as you continue driving your diesel- or petrol-powered vehicle. 

Environmental Friendliness

Above any other advantage, the biggest benefit that EVs have over the diesel and petrol counterparts is the fact that they have zero tailpipe emissions. This makes them cleaner and so much better for the environment. It’s no wonder why countries like the UK are planning to ban the purchase of diesel and petrol cars from 2040. What is better for the environment is also better for us because the environment is our home – if we harm it, the harm will boomerang right back at us!

Fewer emissions from motor vehicles reduce greenhouse gases, and this will help us achieve our sustainability goals much faster. And as technology gets better, manufacturers of EV parts will develop better technologies to create batteries that are friendlier to the environment while being more efficient. 

Lower Maintenance Costs

Sure, the cost of buying an EV is basically the same as that of a petrol or diesel car. However, when you look at the bigger picture, you’ll notice that owning an EV is much cheaper than a regular motor vehicle. For starters, governments are going out of their way to encourage people to buy electric cars by introducing special grants and tax incentives, meaning that the purchase price of an EV could be effectively lower than its petrol or diesel counterpart. 

Reduced maintenance requirements could start from lower costs of electricity, which will make it cheaper to own the car. Moving on to the design of the car, EVs are designed for ultimate efficiency. They come with three main components: the motor, inverter and on-bard charger. Compare that to the volume of parts needed for an internal combustion engine – what does this mean? Well, the reduced number of moving parts means less wear and tear and subsequently lower susceptibility to damage. This will save you a lot of repair costs that are otherwise associated with a standard motor vehicle. 

Fast and Easy Charging at Home

Juicing up your EV is as easy as plugging in a charging cable after you park your car. The process is similar to the way you charge your mobile devices. Already, the government of countries like the UK is offering a 350-pound grant for anyone who wants to install an all-weather charging unit at home to deal with the costs involved. 

When you have a 7kW EV charging unit installed at home, on average, it will take your EV anything from 8 to 12 hours to charge to full capacity. Better yet, if you have a rapid charger, the charging speed will be boosted tremendously to give you an 80% charge in less than 1 hour! And by the way, given that most EVs now come with 300km, it means that you’ll have enough juice to run errands before the car requires another dose of charge.  

Less Noise, More Fun!

Don’t you just hate the noise that your car emits, especially when you drive back home after a long day of work? Electric cars are completely quiet.

For those who love raw power in their vehicles, you should try an EV, and you will never go back. One of the features that make EVs more exciting to drive is that they have instant torque; whenever you need power, it will be available right at your fingertips. You’ll enjoy instant response the second you hit the accelerator; the car won’t need time to build up the torque. 

Another aspect that makes the driving experience of an EV superior to that of petrol and diesel cars is the fact that there’s exceptional weight distribution because the batteries are situated on the floor of the cars. This makes the car have a better balance, and thus, the handling becomes smoother even around curves and tight corners. 

What else could you ask for from your ride? Weigh your options, and you’ll notice that going electric is a no-brainer!