AEW Collision Review – April 13, 2024

AEW Collision Review – April 13, 2024

Kicking off this week’s Collision with highlights from last night’s NJPW Windy City Riot where Jon Moxley became the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion defeating Tetsuya Naito and we will see Moxley this Wednesday on Dynamite.

We go to Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli in the back where they talk about them both having to face Will Ospreay soon but first they have Powerhouse Hobbs & Kyle Fletcher tonight and talk about it being easier to beat them than hurting them as Don Callis told them to do. Castagnoli has faith all 3 of them can beat them but people have been trying to hurt them for 20 years due to how successful they are and throughout all the injuries Danielson has had, they can’t be stopped. Castagnoli talks about the work behind the camera that goes into making this look so easy and get to the level they are at. Danielson says Callis told his guys to try to hurt them but that doesn’t fly tonight because violence is their specialty and The Don Callis Family will see it tonight, on Wednesday and next Sunday at Dynasty.

Trios Match
House Of Black (Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews & Brody King) vs. Action Andretti, Dante Martin & Matt Sydal

Buddy Matthews & Action Andretti starts this match with them taking turns trying to hold each other down before Andretti bounces off the ropes with a leapfrog before Matt Sydal & Malakai Black tag in next.

Sydal keeps Black in his corner as his team all take turns on Black.

Black is able to fight them off and knock Andretti right into Brody King & he starts shoulder tackling all his opponents and taking out Sydal & Martin with a double clothesline.

King catches Andretti on his shoulders before Black kicks him then King follows with a German suplex sending Andretti to the outside as King takes out Andretti, Martin & Sydal with a big tope suicida.

Andretti is able to finally fight off Buddy and make the hot tag to Sydal who goes to town on Matthews before Black jumps in and they start trading kicks.

King tries to get involved and gets knocked to the outside as Sydal is fighting off House Of Black but gets stopped by Black as he powerbombs Sydal right onto Matthews knees forming a backstabber as we go to picture in picture.

After the break Matthews is kicking away at Sydal’s back, but Sydal comes back with a poisonrana sending Matthews spilling to the outside.

Martin & Black tag in as Martin springboards off the ropes and sends Black down with a headscissors then heads to the top rope but gets knocked down by King.

Martin lands on his feet from a German suplex and hits an enzuigiri for a two.

Dante follows this by diving onto King on the outside but walks into a kick by Black on his way back.

Black escapes out of Lights, Camera and Action from Andretti then dives into Matthews on the outside before getting a top rope moonsault from Black.

House Of Black keeps Andretti in their corner and tries Dante’s Inferno but it gets stopped by Sydal & Martin then start hitting superkicks on House Of Black.

Both teams go at it now with nonstop offense until King knocks Andretti’s head off with a clothesline but the pin attempt gets stopped by a frog splash from Martin.

Andretti, Martin & Sydal start superkicking at King.

King catches a Meteora attempt from Sydal and sends him right into the corner where he crushes him with a cannonball with the kicks from Matthews & Black as King covers Sydal for the pin

Winners: House Of Black

After the match House Of Black get in the camera and put out warnings to TNT Champion Adam Copeland and say they know he is watching.

Lexy Nair is in the back with Women’s Champion Toni Storm, Mariah May & Luther and says we saw champagne and kissing on Wednesday, as Storm says get used to this, and mentions Deonna Purrazzo cursing, the Daffodil Lightning and goes to kiss Mariah May. Lexy says she is talking about another kiss, but Mariah stops her. Storm then says she knows AZM wants her to kiss her bum tonight before building up the match for tonight.

We see footage from last Wednesday after Dynamite where Chris Jericho bumps into Taz and says he wants to explain himself to Hook but Hook won’t answer his phone and tells Taz to ask him if he could talk to him. Taz says he can try but Hook is his own man, he does think Jericho pissed him off but he will try as it’s announced that Taz will broker a meeting between Chris Jericho & Hook on this Wednesday’s Dynamite.

Katsuyori Shibata vs. Lee Moriarty

Katsuyori Shibata takes Lee Moriarty down to the mat right away and starts twisting him up before Moriarty grabs the bottom rope to break it up.

Moriarty & Shibata take turns taking each other down and putting on leg locks before Shibata puts on a Figure 4.

Moriarty scoots back all the way until he can grab the bottom rope, kicks off Shibata.

They go by the commentary table where Anthony Ogogo leaves the commentary table and hits a liver punch as Shane Taylor was distracting Paul Turner.

Shibata eventually rolls back in as Moriarty gets a two count going into PIP.

After the break Shibata is encouraging Moriarty to chop away but Shibata isn’t impressed whatsoever.

Shibata then starts jabbing and chopping away at Moriarty in the corner before hitting a running dropkick.

They start training abdominal stretches before Shibata hits a Saito Suplex.

They then start trading kicks as they go back & forth until Shibata hits Bitchmaker follow by PK for the win.

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata

After the match Shane Taylor starts attacking Shibata after as FTW Champion Hook heads to the ring and takes out Moriarty with a suplex before going face 2 face with Taylor before Taylor backs off.

They show highlights of the Women’s Title matches from ROH Supercard Of Honor before going to Lexy Nair who’s with Athena & Billie Starkz who call an Emergency MEM and start being giddy about their wins as Athena calls herself the forever ROH Women’s Champion and says she will make an example out of Red Velvet tonight and show the world what they have been missing.

After the break Lexy Nair is with Undisputed Kingdom’s International Champion Roderick Strong, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett and asks if their recent success could be due to Wardlow, which offends Strong who asks how dare Nair make that claim and says he’s been doing it on his own just like his friend Kyle O’Reilly who has inspired him. Strong says tonight he is putting on a show called The Beating of a Lifetime.

Daniel Garica vs. Angelico

Daniel Garica & Angelico take turns taking each other down and going for pins.

Garcia puts him in the Figure 4 before they start going back & forth with the figure 4 until they roll into the ropes to break it up where they start foot fighting.

Garcia tries to run the ropes but his knee gives out as Angelico takes advantage.

Garcia comes right back with a swinging neckbreaker and starts punching his injured knee.

Garcia follows with a double underhook suplex and forearm in the corner before hitting the 10 punches in the corner with a little bit of dance at the end.

Garcia follows with a slap and a suplex and puts on a leg lock as Angelico taps out.

Winner By Submission: Daniel Garica

We go to PAC in the back & he calls out Continental Champion Kazuchika Okada and wants to thank him for accepting his challenge and hitting him over the head with a big lump of steel. He calls Okada very brave and as a result he has a perpetual headache that serves as a reminder of who he is. He might not be tall, handsome, a Japanese superstar, own a Ferrari or be the flavor of the month, and calls Okada crap and says he’s better than him and at Dynasty he’s going to relish the opportunity to prove it in front of the entire world.

Non Title Match
Women’s Champion Toni Storm vs. AZM

If AZM wins she gets a Women’s Title Match.

Match starts off with Toni Storm cornering AZM into the ropes and taunting her but AZM comes right back with forearms and shoulder blocks that Storm laughs off.

AZM follows this by stomping on Storm’s foot but gets knocked down by a shoulder block herself. AZM starts running the ropes and knocks Storm down with a dropkick.

AZM stays on top of Storm with some stomps and tries to climb the ropes but gets knocked down then knocked off the apron with a hip attack.

Anna Jay & Mariah May then start brawling and end up going to the back as AZM sends Storm into the steel steps.

AZM follows with a PK off the apron to Storm as we go to picture in picture.

After the break they are trading strikes before AZM hits a flying headscissors and a spin kick as both women are knocked down from this.

AZM hits a shotgun dropkick off the top rope for a two count.

Storm takes control and tries a suplex but AZM sends her down and traps her in a pin for a two count.

Storm is able to hit a German suplex followed by the black & white hip attack then Storm Zero for the win.

Winner: Women’s Champion Toni Storm (If AZM lost she doesn’t get a Women’s Title Match)

After the match Mariah May returns with glasses of champagne for her & Storm.

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Red Velvet who says she heard what Lexy’s boss said and she will stir the pot tonight and she will make an example out of Athena and show everybody why it was a mistake to come into her house.

New ROH World Champion Mark Briscoe is in the back and says he is starting to understand how House Of Black operates but he doesn’t fear any evil and he, Eddie Kingston & Adam Copeland will bring the violence at Dynasty and tell House of Black to afraid, very afraid before barking into the camera.

Tony Schiavone introduces Thunder Rosa and brings up what Toni Storm did on Wednesday by rubbing her face paint off and brings up how Rosa can redeem herself after never losing the Women’s Title. Rosa first thanks the fans here in attendance and those watching at home and calls out Deonna Purrazzo and says she doesn’t need her before bringing up all the accomplishments she’s done by herself. Rosa asks what happened to Storm, and brings up ThunderStorm and says she has another opportunity coming up at Dynasty and brings up the locker room with some real passionate words. She tells Storm to kiss her clone goodbye and she made a big mistake by trying to erase the mask on her face and how Storm doesn’t want to see what’s under there and you don’t want to kill what’s already dead.

We cut to Deonna Purrazzo in the back who says if Rosa doesn’t want her help, it’s fine as she’ll help herself. Purrazzo says she doesn’t think Storm embodies what it means to be a World Champion but she does as she is the Virtuosa and she can make excuses why she’s not the champion or she can do something about it. And if she can’t get one Toni Storm, she might as well get the other and challenges Mariah May for next week and says she’ll break her arm.

We go to Kyle Fletcher & Powerhouse Hobbs in the back where Hobbs tells Fletcher to focus on tonight and guarantees that Bryan Danielson won’t be able to walk out on his own tonight.

Tag Team Match
The Don Callis Family (Powerhouse Hobbs & Kyle Fletcher) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson)

Both teams brawling right away to start the match and take it to the outside as Bryan Danielson attacks Kyle Fletcher against the barricade and Claudio Castagnoli sends Powerhouse Hobbs into the ring.

Blackpool Combat Club starts double-teaming on Fletcher before Castagnoli sends Hobbs back into the ring as Danielson sends Fletcher over the barricade.

Claudio stays on top of Hobbs before Hobbs is able to counter Castagnoli with a suplex before tagging out to Fletcher.

Stephon Smith tries to get control and keeps Hobbs separated but he still attacks Castagnoli on the outside as we go to PIP.

After the break Fletcher on top of Castagnoli with a sleeper hold but Castagnoli is able to power out and hits a Gutwrench suplex and make the hot tag to Danielson who enters with a shotgun dropkick on Fletcher and kicks Hobbs off the apron.

Danielson stays on top of Fletcher before Danielson hits his kicks on Fletcher.

Danielson dives onto Hobbs on the outside and they topple back but Hobbs gets right back up and starts slamming Danielson on the apron before Danielson sends Hobbs into the ring post and hits him with a running knee off the apron.

Fletcher goes out and takes out Danielson with a kick but Castagnoli quickly takes out Fletcher with an uppercut.

Castagnoli attacks Hobbs sending him over the barricade with a huge uppercut before Fletcher & Danielson join them into the crowd as well.

They start making their way back into the ring as we go to another PIP.

After the 2nd break Fletcher exposing the floor, but the mat keeps falling down but this helps Danielson reverse the move and backdrop Fletcher on the floor.

They finally go back inside the ring as Fletcher & Danielson are on the top rope where Danielson escapes out of a superplex but Hobbs joins in and puts Daniels on his shoulders just for Castagnoli to break that up.

Hobbs clotheslines Castagnoli sending them both to the outside as Danielson hits an avalanche belly 2 back suplex on Fletcher for a two count.

Danielson quickly puts on LeBell Lock but Hobbs runs in to break it up with a headbutt.

Danielson is able to fight them both off and makes the hot tag to Castagnoli & he goes to town on Hobbs with a flurry of uppercuts in the corner before giving Fletcher a bunch as well.

Castagnoli hits a Giant Swing on Hobbs before putting on the Sharpshooter.

Fletcher tries to break it up with kicks but Claudio keeps it on for a bit before all 4 start going at it including Town Business from Hobbs to Castagnoli for a two count.

All 4 start trading chops and strikes with each other before Danielson takes out Fletcher on the outside with a tope suicida.

Castagnoli follows with a Death Valley Driver for a two count and uppercuts for another two but gets tripped up by Fletcher as Hobbs hits a clothesline and World’s Dangerous Slam which Danielson breaks up the count for.

Hobbs tries to bring in a chair but Stephon Smith takes it away.

The Don Callis Family start clearing the commentary table as Castagnoli hits a hurricanrana off the table to Fletcher sends him back inside and hits the Neutralizer to get the win.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

After the match Konosuke Takeshita runs in and helps Hobbs & Fletcher attack Blackpool Combat Club. Takeshita takes out Danielson with a brainbuster on the ramp as Castagnoli chases them off with a chair to close out this week’s Collision.