AEW Personality Says Eric Bischoff Got ‘F*cked Over’ By Vince McMahon

AEW announcer Tony Schiavone an appearance on the What Happened When podcast and here are the highlights:

The nWo Hall of Fame induction: “I like it. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, for their run in the nWo, and if you want to put Syxx-Pac in there, you can. That’s fine. They — what they did back in the 90s was big for the business, so yeah. [Conrad Thompson asks if someone is missing.] Like Eric Bischoff? Well, Eric got f***ed over once by Vince this year, so why wouldn’t Vince f*** him over again?”

His family has been instructed to refuse to have him inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame postmortem and how WWE won’t induct him as long as he’s in AEW: “You know what? That is f***ing fine with me. And I hope that I’m working for AEW until the day I die because once it’s all over with, my family has been instructed — and I’ve told you this I think on the air here before — my family has been instructed that if they [WWE] want to induct me in any way postmortem, the answer from the family is no. So, don’t expect from me to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.”

His anger over WWE and Vince McMahon hiring Bischoff to fire him as Executive Director: “Now, I’m pissed off because I’m pissed off because Eric is not part of the nWo in the Hall of Fame. And I’m pissed off because Eric Bischoff got f***ed over by Vince McMahon. Not Bruce Prichard, who is our friend, who is a good guy — straight up guy, but by Vince McMahon. You know and everybody knows that Eric was just brought in so he could get fired. And that f***ing sucks. I know it, and I guarantee you I’m right. And the fact that he wasn’t put into Hall of Fame with the nWo confirms it.”