AEW Revolution Review – March 3, 2024

AEW Revolution Review – March 3, 2024

12 Man Tag Team Match
Bang Bang Scissor Gang (Trios Champions Anthony Bowens, Max Caster & Billy Gunn, Jay White, Austin Gunn & Coleton Gunn) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen), Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal & Willie Mack (Pre Show)

The Acclaimed hits Scissor Me Timbers on Marq Quen which led to an early two count.

Jeff Jarrett checks in and puts Colten Gunn down. Jarrett did the strut while Sonjay Dutt mimicked him on the apron and the rest of his team strutted on the floor.

Billy Gunn took a hot tag and cleaned house on Private Party, Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh & Willie Mack.

Billy went for a Fameasser on Mack but Singh grabs his foot from the floor.

Private Party, Jarrett, Lethal, Singh & Mack hits a series of moves on Billy including top rope moves from Private Party which led to Mack getting a near fall.

Mack went for a top rope splash that Billy avoided then he tags in Jay White.

Isiah Kassidy ran in but The Gunns hit him with 3:10 To Yuma.

Quen tried to get involved but Caster & Bowens hit him with The Arrival and Mic Drop.

Singh tried to intimidate White with his size but Gunn steps in front of White and went face to face with Singh. Singh tossed The Gunns out of the ring.

White trips Singh then Billy hits him with  Fameasser before White hits Blade Runner on Mack to get the win.

Winners: Bang Bang Scissor Gang (12:25)
Rate: 4

After the match White did Caster’s Yo, Yo, Listen bit. White said Greensboro is one of his favorite cities in the world. White hyped up the crowd about Will Ospreay being in action and Sting’s final match. White said his faction is the greatest faction in the greatest professional wrestling company. White said the faction is led by one of the greatest of all time. He said he could remind everyone at any moment that he’s the catalyst of pro wrestling. White said that he might handle some Big Business of his own in 10 days.

Lexy Nair interviewed Doc Sampson & Best Friends & Sampson expressed concern about the wear and tear that International Champion Orange Cassidy has gone through, yet once again said he’s medically cleared. Cassidy told his crew that he wanted to handle his match with Roderick Strong on his own and asked them to stay backstage during the International Title match.

A PAC vignette aired and he said he would be back soon.

Tony Schiavone interviewed David Crockett at ringside. Crockett said special things happen in Greensboro. Crockett spoke about Sting’s final match. Crockett said you don’t mess with family while talking about what Sting would do to the Young Bucks.

Tag Team Match
TBS Champion Julia Hart & Skye Blue vs. Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale (Pre Show)

Willow Nightingale was isolated by Julia Hart & Skye Blue before Nightingale caught Blue in an inside cradle for a two count but Blue stood up and clotheslined her to regain offensive control.

Kris Statlander eventually tags in and had a flurry of offense on Hart & Blue which led to her picking up a two count on Blue. Statlander suplexed Blue.

Hart previously tags in and Statlander watched her run the ropes then Statlander played to the crowd until Hart hits her from behind.

Blue went for a top rope crossbody but Nightingale & Statlander caught her and hits a double fallaway slam. Hart ends up in a tree of woe with Blue seated below her.

Nightingale hits a cannonball in the corner that hit Blue while Hart sat up to avoid it.

Statlander pulls Blue off the apron then Nightingale hits Hart with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall.

Blue superkicks Statlander at ringside then returns to her corner and took a tag from Hart.

Nightingale puts Hart down with a spinebuster then set up for a powerbomb that Hart avoided. Blue entered and superkicks Nightingale then covers her for a two count.

Statlander tags in and was put down by Hart & she hits her with a top rope moonsault.

Hart had the pin but Nightingale broke it up before Blue kicks Nightingale then hits her with a move from the apron.

Blue tags in and joins Hart in double teaming her but Statlander fought free and tags out.

Nightingale hits Blue with the Pounce then Statlander took out Hart then Nightingale hits Blue with Doctor Bomb to get the win.

Winners: Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale (13:30)
Rate: 6

TNT Title Match
Christian Cage (c) vs. Daniel Garica

Christian Cage ran the ropes and jumps over Daniel Garcia early in the match.

Cage stumbled and sold an ankle injury before Cage took a cheap shot at Garcia and thumbed him in the eye.

Garcia sold an eye injury as Cage hits him with a dive from the top rope to the floor.

Cage threw Garcia back inside the ring and followed him.

Garcia clips the back of Christian’s leg then hits him with a dragon screw.

Garcia set up for an ankle lock but Cage avoided and sent him back to ringside.

Garcia returned to the ring, but Cage tossed him over the top rope on the other side of the ring.

Garcia got back on the apron and was knocked back to the floor by Cage & he told referee Aubrey Edwards to count.

Garcia tried to return to the ring but Cage sent him back to the floor again.

Nick Wayne charged Garcia but he sent him flying into the timekeeper’s area.

Garcia got back to the apron and traded punches with Cage as Garcia got the better of the exchange and returned to the ring.

Garcia pulls Cage’s turtleneck over his head then stood on the middle rope and threw punches at him while the fans counted along. Garcia did his dance before hitting Cage with a 10 punch.

Garcia picked up a couple of 2 counts before Cage cut him off with a punch to the gut.

Cage stood on Garcia whose neck was draped over the middle rope.

Cage sold a leg injury from Garcia’s earlier attack then both wrestlers went to ringside where Garcia ran Cage over the ring steps.

Back in the ring Cage begs off before Garcia blocks a kick but then Cage put him down.

Cage went for a top rope splash but Garcia caught him in an ankle lock.

Cage rolls out of the hold as Garcia pulls Cage off the ropes and back suplexed him for a two count as Killswitch chokeslams Garcia while Cage distracted the referee.

Cage follows up with a top rope frog splash for a near fall as we see Killswitch got angry at ringside and walks toward the ring.

Matt Menard ran out and hits Killswitch from behind to knock him over.

Shayna Wayne got in Menard’s face but he blocks her slap before Menard fought Killswitch to the back.

In the ring Cage sent for a spear but he acts like his ankle gave out before Garcia puts Cage down with a piledriver for a near fall.

Garcia went for a jackknife pin but Cage grabs the bottom rope.

Shayna distracted the referee while Nick hit Garcia from the floor with Wayne’s World.

Cage hits Garcia with Killswitch to get the win.

Winner & Still TNT Champion: Christian Cage (16:52) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 7

Lexy Nair spoke while Bryan Danielson was shown warming up behind her. Nair said Danielson told her that he would make Eddie Kingston tap out.

Backstage Renee Paquette spoke about the match from Continental Crown Champion Eddie Kingston’s perspective while Kingston was shown preparing. Paquette said that Kingston dedicated the match to Jun Akiyama.

Continental Crown Title Match
Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Bryan Danielson

If Danielson lost he must shake Kingston’s hand.

Bryan Danielson blocks a chop and then took Eddie Kingston down then Danielson kicks Kingston’s left leg twice and then threw a kick to his back.

Danielson suplexed Kingston off the apron to the floor then back in the ring Danielson bent Kingston’s arm then stomps it. Danielson bent his arm and stomped it again.

Danielson went up top and jumped at Kingston but he caught him and gave him an exploder suplex. Danielson came back with a pair of dropkicks in the corner.

Danielson went for a 3rd but Kingston avoided it then Danielson put Kingston down and threw a kick to his back and then executed a dragon suplex that led to a near fall.

Kingston ends up in a seated position on the top rope and knocks Danielson off the ropes twice. Danielson hits Kingston with another dropkick then hits a butterfly superplex.

Danielson locks Kingston’s left arm with his legs then used his arms to wrench Kingston’s right arm. Kingston was able to escape and reach the ropes to break the hold.

Danielson threw elbows to Kingston’s head and then set up for a suplex but Kingston came to life with elbows of his own.

Kingston hit Danielson with an enzuigiri and a backfist then sold his bad hand.

Kingston hits a Northern Lights Bomb for a near fall as Danielson got to his feet and kicks Kingston’s bad hand.

Danielson hits him with a Busaiku Knee and covers Kingston for a near fall.

Danielson showed frustration over not getting the pin then grabs Kingston’s arms and stomped his head with several kicks.

Danielson put Kingston in a triangle sleeper as referee Stephon Smith checked Kingston’s arm but Kingston held it up and gave a thumbs up.

Kingston reached the ropes with his foot to break the hold.

Danielson threw kicks at Kingston before he ducks the last one and hits a suplex as Danielson shot right up and hits one of his own.

Kingston returns the favor with another suplex then both men stayed down.

Danielson went for another Busaiku Knee but Kingston clotheslined him then powerbombs him to get the win.

Winner & Still Continental Crown Champion: Eddie Kingston (19:45) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 12 (Recommend)

After the match the referee presented Kingston with the Continental Crown. Kingston puts them down and plays to the crowd while Danielson remained face down on the mat. Danielson got to his knees while Kingston stood across from him and waited for his handshake. Kingston was about to give up but Danielson stops him and extended his hand. Kingston approached Danielson as he pulls his hand away. Kingston was about to leave but Danielson stops him and then shook his hand and raised his arm. Danielson bows to Kingston before exiting the ring.

Non Title AEW World Title #1 Contenders All Star Scramble Match
FTW Champion Hook vs. Wardlow vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Lance Archer vs. Chris Jericho vs. Brian Cage vs. Mangus vs. Dante Martin

Wardlow, Powerhouse Hobbs, Lance Archer & Brian Cage ended up in the ring together.

Archer did his rope walk while holding Wardlow’s arm then hits a moonsault and Wardlow had to hold his arm out so that Archer could hit it.

Archer went for the same spot on Hobbs but he pulls him down and hits him with a spinebuster.

Cage took out Hobbs then Wardlow put Cage down then Chris Jericho hits Wardlow with a Codebreaker and got a two count.

Jericho, Hook, Magnus & Dante Martin all ended up in the ring together and had a series of shoulder block spots. Jericho went up top and dive onto Hobbs on the floor.

Martin went for a suicide dive on Cage but Martin’s feet hit the middle rope but he still made contact.

Hook dove off the top rope and hit Cage with a double ax on the way down.

There was a series of superplex spots involving Archer, Hobbs, Cage & Wardlow.

Martin frog splashed Cage and got a near fall then went for a dive over the top rope and ended up hitting the top rope and once again was able to make some contact on the floor.

Martin went for a pin on Jericho but Magnus broke it up.

Magnus hits a roll from the apron into a cutter and got a two count on Martin.

Magnus caps off a run of offense by going up top but Archer cut him off with a knee strike.

Archer hip tossed Magnus off the ropes then stomped before chokeslams him and covering him for a near fall. Archer went for Blackout on Magnus but Jericho kicked him.

Jericho & Magnus teamed up for a double suplex on Archer then hit him with a stereo Lionsaults. Hobbs clears Jericho & Magnus from the ring.

Hobbs clotheslined Archer then powerslams him before Martin returned to the ring and took a powerslam from Hobbs for a near fall.

Hook & Cage squared off as Hook set up for a suplex but Cage fought free and clotheslined him. There was a series of wrestlers hitting German suplexes on one another.

Wardlow set up Cage for a powerbomb but Hook climbed on Wardlow’s back and puts him in Redrum.

Jericho turns Wardlow over and applied the Walls Of Jericho while Hook maintained his hold. Cage broke up both holds.

Jericho booted Cage into a suplex from Hook then stood up and went face 2 face with Jericho. Hook ate 3 chops then kicks and suplexed Jericho.

Hook hits a northern lights suplex on Jericho and got a near fall.

Hobbs tossed Hook to the floor then missed a corner splash on Jericho as he jumped off the middle rope and kicks Hobbs to the floor. Jericho followed and was slammed by Hobbs.

Hobbs lowers the straps of his gear and charged Jericho but he held up a jug of liquid.

In the ring Wardlow headbutts Cage and then clotheslined him then he powerbombs Cage but then Martin rolls up Wardlow for a two count.

Martin slams Magnus to the mat and covers him but Archer grabs Martin by the throat and slammed him.

Martin came back with a double jump moonsault onto Archer for a near fall.

Martin went for a springboard move but Wardlow swatted him out of midair then clears Cage from the ring.

Hook climbed on the back of Wardlow but he quickly shook him off then took him out.

Wardlow hits Last Ride on Martin for the win.

Winner & #1 Contender To The AEW World Title: Wardlow (16:22)
Rate: 5

International Title Match
Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Roderick Strong

Orange Cassidy went for a quick pin but Roderick Strong kicks out.

Strong went to work on Cassidy’s ribs with backbreakers and covers him for a two count.

Cassidy came back by slamming Strong’s head into the turnbuckle pad while standing on the apron.

Cassidy went slowly up the ropes but Strong cut him off and hits a backbreaker on the top turnbuckle.

Cassidy rolls to the floor before Strong follows him to the floor then wrenched Cassidy’s back around the ring post.

Back in the ring Strong continued to target Cassidy’s ribs before Cassidy hits him with Stundog Millionaire but then Strong hits another backbreaker.

Strong applied the Stronghold until Cassidy reached the ropes to break it.

Strong counters into a variation of a Liontamer but Cassidy eventually rolls over and kicks his way free.

Cassidy put Strong down with a DDT. Cassidy went up top then jumps off and hits a DDT on the way down.

Cassidy threw 2 light kicks at Strong then threw hard kicks and stomped him repeatedly. Cassidy hits a Panama Sunrise for a near fall.

Strong stuffed an Orange Punch and performed another backbreaker.

Strong hit Cassidy with a knee strike then ran the ropes and ate an Orange Punch.

Cassidy went for Beach Break and struggled to get him up.

He eventually hitting the move and went for the pin but Strong put his foot over the bottom rope to break it.

Cassidy got back to his feet and was drilled with a knee strike to the head before Strong hits End Of Heartache to put Cassidy away.

Winner & New International Champion: Roderick Strong (12:43) (NEW CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 7 

After the match Matt Taven 7 Mike Bennett entered the ring and celebrated with Strong. Kyle O’Reilly enters the ring and squared off with Strong. O’Reilly smiled and hugs him. Bennett took his shirt off and gave it to O’Reilly & put it over the shoulder of Strong spoke into his ear, and then left the ring on his own. Strong, Taven & Bennett looked surprised. O’Reilly got emotional while standing on the floor.

Tag Team Match
Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli & Jon Moxley) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler)

Dax Harwood backs Claudio Castagnoli into the corner and slaps him before Castagnoli fired back with a slap of his own.

Both men traded slaps until Harwood sold one and ducked into his own corner for a moment.

They traded some chops and went back to trading slaps then Jon Moxley & Cash Wheeler tag in. Moxley was isolated and roughed up in the FTR corner briefly.

Castagnoli checks in again and ate chops from Wheeler then stood on the middle rope and threw punches at him until Moxley dumped him over the top rope to the floor.

Moxley crotched Wheeler on top of the barricade then clotheslined him into the front row.

Moxley hops the barricade and then fought Wheeler before dumping him back to ringside.

Moxley rolls Wheeler back inside the ring and then Castagnoli tags in and hits a gutwrench suplex that led to a two count.

Castagnoli went for a Neutralizer on Harwood but Wheeler reached in and stops him.

Wheeler tags in and FTR set up for a spike piledriver but Castagnoli avoided it and ran Harwood into the post.

Moxley hits Wheeler with a shot in his corner and then Castagnoli clotheslined Wheeler and covered him for a two count before Harwood tags in.

Wheeler held up Castagnoli while Harwood dove off the top rope but Castagnoli counters into a powerslam in midair and got a two count.

Moxley tags in and hits Harwood while Castagnoli hits an Air Raid Crash.

FTR rallied a short time later and set up for their corner moves on Moxley but Castagnoli broke them up.

Moxley held Harwood up in electric chair position and then Castagnoli jumps off the top rope and hit him with an uppercut.

Harwood was about to be pinned, but Wheeler jumped from the top rope and hits Castagnoli causing both men to crash into the pin to break it up.

Moxley bites the bloody forehead of Harwood then placed him in a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Moxley threw several elbows at Harwood’s head then bites him again.

Harwood fought him off but Castagnoli caught him with a big boot.

BCC set up for a double superplex but Wheeler returns and knocks Castagnoli to the floor.

Wheeler held Moxley up then Harwood jumps from the ropes and clotheslined him which led to a two count.

FTR hits Shatter Machine on Moxley and had him beat but Castagnoli pulls Harwood off of Moxley. Wheeler went for a suicide dive on Castagnoli but he caught him with an uppercut.

Castagnoli put Wheeler down with a Neutralizer on the floor before Harwood returns the favor with a piledriver on Castagnoli.

Harwood returned to the ring and stuffed a Paradigm Shift as he went for a piledriver that Moxley stuffed.

Moxley hit Harwood with Death Rider then covers him but Harwood countered into a pin of his own for a two count. Moxley applied a choke hold.

Wheeler broke free of Castagnoli and went after Moxley but Castagnoli caught up to him and put him in a choke hold. The referee checked Harwood’s arm and it fell limp to end the match.

Winners By Submission: Blackpool Combat Club (21:47)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)

Women’s Title Match
Toni Storm (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Toni Storm & Deonna Purrazzo traded early takedowns Purrazzo went after Storm’s arm but Storm scrambled to reach the ropes to avoid it.

Purrazzo made a play for a Fujiwara Armbar moments later but Storm grabs the ropes again. Storm took a powder by rolling to the floor where Luther rubs her shoulders.

Purrazzo kicks Storm through the ropes and brought her back to the ring.

Storm came back with several punches in the corner. Purrazzo ran Storm into the corner where she came up just shy of the referee.

Storm kicks Purrazzo below the belt then gave her a facebuster before covering her for a two count.

Storm dominated the next minute of offense and taunted Purrazzo before she hits her with a hard shot.

Purrazzo fired away with elbow strikes until Storm caught her with a knee to the gut.

Purrazzo came right back and hits a Russian leg sweep then locks in Fujiwara Armbar.

Storm rolls out of the hold but Purrazzo put her down with a kick to the face.

Purrazzo follows up with a flatliner for a two count.

Storm trips a charging Purrazzo then hits her with a hip attack in the corner.

Storm hits a DDT on Purrazzo before covering her for a two count before Storm caught Purrazzo in Break A Leg.

Purrazzo rolls out of it and kicks Storm into the arms of Luther then went to the middle rope and dove at Luther & Storm to send them to the floor.

Back in the ring Purrazzo puts Storm in the Fujiwara Armbar but Storm rolls her into a pin for a two count but Purrazzo maintained the hold.

Purrazzo hooks the other arm and Storm taps out but Luther was on the apron distracting Aubrey Edwards. Purrazzo released the hold and boots Mariah May off the apron.

Storm kicks Purrazzo and hits with Storm Zero to score the victory.

Winner & Still Women’s Champion: Toni Storm (12:17) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 6

Will Ospreay vs. Konosuke Takeshita

Konosuke Takeshita sends Will Ospreay to ringside then hits him with a flip dive.

Ospreay came back once they were in the ring and went for a corkscrew move from the top rope but he lands on his feet when Takeshita moved.

Takeshita puts Ospreay down with a German suplex and got a two count.

Takeshita hits a couple more moves but Ospreay hits a standing Spanish Fly that left both men down before Ospreay drops Takeshita with a rolling elbow strike.

Takeshita stays down and the referee held Ospreay back before he checks on him.

Takeshita indicated that he was good to go.

Ospreay got Takeshita in the corner and taunted him with some light kicks until Takeshita grabs his foot. Takeshita stood up and drilled Ospreay with a rolling elbow strike.

Ospreay stayed on his feet and took a second then Ospreay drops him with a 3rd.

Ospreay came back with a series of kicks and executed a Tiger Driver for a two count.

Ospreay went for OsCutter but Takeshita caught him and hits a big powerbomb that led to a two count.

Takeshita stuffed another OsCutter from the corner but then Ospreay puts him down with a springboard version of the move which led to a two count.

Ospreay set up for Hidden Blade but Takeshita caught him with a shot then covers him for a near fall. Ospreay went for a hurricanrana from the ropes but Takeshita held on.

Takeshita hits a suplex on the top turnbuckle before Ospreay got to his knees.

Takeshita drilled Ospreay with a knee strike and covers him for a near fall.

Takeshita lowers his kneepad and went for another knee strike but Ospreay stuffs it.

Ospreay has a burst of offense but Takeshita hits an inverted piledriver and then powered him up for a German suplex.

Ospreay shot up and hit Takeshita with an elbow strike then Ospreay went for a cover but Takeshita kicks out at 1. Takeshita turns Ospreay inside out with a clothesline.

Takeshita went for a jumping knee strike, but Ospreay caught him and hit him with a Styles Clash for a near fall.

Ospreay hits Tiger Driver 91 then hits Hidden Blade to get the win.

Winner: Will Ospreay (21:57)
Rate: 12 (Recommend)

After the match Don Callis enters the ring and checked on both men as Kyle Fletcher walks to the ring & Callis helps Takeshita to his feet then Takeshita fell to his knees in front of Ospreay & he drops to his knees before both men bowed.

Fletcher enters the ring while Callis & Takeshita left. Fletcher & Ospreay looked at one then they hugged.

AEW World Title Triple Threat Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Swerve Strickland vs. Hangman Page

Swerve Strickland & Hangman Page went face 2 face until Joe walks over and headbutts both of them then Joe works over Page in the corner.

Strickland dove from the ropes at Joe but he casually steps aside while Strickland crashed and burned.

Strickland ends up at ringside before Joe ducks a Page clothesline and hits a suicide dive on Strickland. Page set up for a dive but Joe cut him off with a shot from the floor.

Back in the ring Joe lit up Page with chops before Page shoved Joe toward the ropes while Strickland held the top rope down causing Joe to tumble to the floor.

Strickland got the better of Page and then hits Joe with a shot on the floor.

Strickland returns to the ring and dropkicks Page before covering him for a two count.

Page came back with a belly 2 belly suplex for a two count. Joe returns and blasted Page with a chop then works him over in a corner of the ring.

Joe knocks Strickland off the apron with a forearm then turns and hits Page with a running knee strike. Joe powerbombs Page and got a two count then transitioned into an STF.

Page hits a Tombstone Piledriver on Strickland and covered him until Joe rushed in from ringside to break it up. Joe went for a uranage slam but Page countered into an arm drag.

Strickland regrouped and suplexed Page before covering him then Joe broke up the pin again. Joe threw jabs at both men then drills them both with forearm shots.

Joe clears Strickland from the ring then hits Muscle Buster on Page.

Strickland went up top and hits Swerve Stomp on Joe before Strickland hits Last Call on Joe then follows up with a House Call on Page and covers him for a near fall.

Strickland puts Joe down with a DDT. Strickland went up top and hits a 450 splash on Joe’s back. Strickland went up top again and hit Joe with a Swerve Stomp.

Strickland went for the pin but Page pulls referee Paul Turner to the floor.

Page grabs the AEW World Title then his Strickland with it before Strickland got to his feet on the apron but Page hit him with the AEW World Title again.

Page stood on the apron and taunted Strickland while Joe got to his feet.

Page hits Joe with a Buckshot Lariat before Page hits Joe with a 2nd Buckshot Lariat and covered him. Page got a visual pinfall but the referee was still down.

2nd referee Bryce Remsburg ran out and made the count but Joe kicks out at two.

Page went for another Buckshot Lariat but this time Joe counters into a rear naked choke.

Strickland jumps off the top rope and hits a corkscrew dive onto Joe & Page to break up the submission hold.

Prince Nana tossed his crown to Strickland but Strickland threw it back to him.

Joe put Strickland in a choke but Swerve countered into a pin but Page attacks the referee and threw him out of the ring.

Strickland went after Page and threw him over the top rope but Page was able to skin the cat then clotheslined Strickland.

Joe took out Page and set up for a Muscle Buster that Strickland avoided.

Page hits Joe with a Buckshot Lariat before Strickland hits Page with a Buckshot Lariat.

Strickland puts Page down with JML Driver. Joe suplexed Strickland then puts Page in a rear naked choke as original referee Paul Turner returned then Page taps out.

Winner By Submission & Still AEW World Champion: Samoa Joe (19:41) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 9 (Recommend)

AEW World Tag Team Titles Tornado Match
Darby Allin & Sting (c) vs. Young Bucks (Matthew Jackson & Nicholas Jackson)

Darby Allin hits an early suicide dive before Sting & Allin hits Stinger Splashes on Young Bucks then Sting’s sons hit Stinger splashes of their own.

Sting puts Young Bucks in a double Scorpion Death Lock but Young Bucks escaped.

Allin pulls out tables and ladders as Nicholas Jackson pokes Sting in the eyes from the other side of the barricade.

Nicholas climbs onto the barricade then press slammed by Sting.

Sting took out Matthew then Allin hits Young Bucks with a Coffin Drop from the top rope.

Sting pulls out panes of glass out from underneath the ring as Allin and one of Sting’s sons laid the glass over 6 chairs that were set up next to the ring.

Sting swung his bat at Young Bucks but they both avoided the bat shot.

Sting meant to hit one of the sheets of glass when he missed one of Young Bucks but he wound up and shattered the glass on his 2nd try.

Young Bucks hops the barricade to run away but Sting & Allin went after them and they all ended up on the stage.

Nicholas hits Falcon Arrow that drove Allin through a couple of tables on the floor.

Sting fought Matthew on the other side of the stage and set up for Scorpion Death Drop but Matthew thumbed him in the eyes.

Matthew suplexed Sting from the stage through a couple of tables on the floor.

Nicholas points at his ear and said he couldn’t hear then tossed Allin back inside the ring.

Matthew joins Nicholas back inside the ring where Nicholas had leaned a giant ladder in one corner. Young Bucks powerbombed Allin onto the ladder.

Allin pulls himself to his feet and then caught Young Bucks with his boots when they charged him. Allin hits a Stunner on Nicholas then hits Code Red on Matthew.

Allin picks up the giant ladder in the ring then looks to the crowd as Allin went to ringside and slams Nicholas’ head on the ring steps a few times.

Allin placed Nicholas on the chairs covers by the pane of glass as Allin climbed to nearly the top of the ladder.

Matthew pulls Nicholas out of the way while Allin hits a Swanton Bomb through the glass.

Sting returned to ringside and was roughed up by Young Bucks as Sting showed signs of life but Young Bucks whips him into the corner.

Matthew howled in Sting style and went for a Stinger Splash but Sting moved and Nicholas threw a simultaneous kick that caught Nicholas.

Sting puts Matthew on a table that was set up next to the giant ladder in the ring.

Sting climbs up the ladder but Matthew follows him up and cuts him off.

Nicholas set up a pane of glass in a corner of the ring while Matthew powerbombs Sting through the table. Sting pops up while Young Bucks were celebrating.

Sting works over Young Bucks for a moment but then they kicked him and tossed him through the sheet of glass in the corner.

Matthew kicks Sting in the balls then hits him with a Scorpion Death Drop and covers him for a near fall.

Nicholas tried to grab one of the AEW World Tag Team Titles from Ricky Steamboat as he tried to hold on. Nicholas ends up with the title and Steamboat was kicked in the gut.

Ric Flair enters the ring and covers Sting while Matthew stood over them both with a title.

Flair told the Bucks enough then got up on his knees then Young Bucks hit Flair with a double superkick.

Steamboat climbs onto the apron and also ate a double superkick. Matthew hits Sting with a AEW World Tag Team Title then covers him for a near fall.

Sting got to his knees as Young Bucks mocking shook his hands and hits him with another EVP Trigger. Matthew covers Sting but he immediately kicks out.

Sting pounded his chest and calls for more so Young Bucks hit him with a double superkick.

Matthew picks up Sting as Nicholas went up top for a move but Allin returned and tossed him to the floor. Sting hits Scorpion Death Drop on Matt for a near fall.

Allin hits Matthew with a Coffin Drop as Sting plays to the crowd and locks in a Scorpion Death Lock then Matthew taps out.

Winners By Submission & Still AEW World Tag Team Champions: Darby Allin & Sting (21:03) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!)
Rate: 11 (Recommend)

After the match Allin said they had 3 minutes left on the pay per view and asked the crowd to show some love for Sting. The fans cheered loudly and chanted Thank you Sting.

Sting took the mic and said Thank you, Greensboro. Sting said he’d been thanking the fans since March of 1988. He brought up the 45 minute draw with Ric Flair and thanks him. Sting said the fans were incredible from 1988 on. Sting said he wanted this to be a night that wrestling fans would not forget.

Sting said he wanted it to be a night of wrestling that was etched in their minds for years to come. Sting said it was him who was saying that it was a night he would never forget. Sting thanked the Greensboro fans and said they were awesome. Another thank you Sting chant broke out. Sting thanked Allin while calling him the greatest tag team partner he ever had. Sting wondered how many stitches Allin would need. Allin took the mic and recalled saying he would die in Sting’s final match then added that he’s still breathing.

Sting said he was a risk taker in his younger years like Allin is. Sting said he’s old now but he’s still a risk taker. Sting told the crowd he had to wait because he was getting cued. Hold on Sting said with a smile to close out Revolution.