AEW Star Fires Back At CM Punk’s Comments About The Company

(Photo Credit: WWE)

CM Punk appeared on The MMA Hour this week, where he spoke candidly about his time in AEW, his feuds with The Elite, Colt Cabana, Tony Khan, Jack Perry, and others. He expressed his belief that Khan is a nice guy but not a boss.

He also believes that AEW will continue to exist as long as Khan is willing to fund it, and that AEW is not in business to make money, but rather to put on great matches. Following the incident with Perry at All In, Punk called Khan a clown for failing to handle the situation.

While speaking with Adrian Hernandez, Eddie Kingston was asked about Punk’s recent remarks about AEW not being a legitimate business.

”And? He don’t work for us. I don’t give a f***. Honestly, he don’t work for us so I don’t care, that’s it. I’m not even mad. If it sounds like I’m mad this just the way I talk but no I don’t care I don’t. I know other people do but I really don’t give a f*** because he doesn’t work for AEW, that’s the way I look at it. If he worked for AEW and did that, then I might feel a certain way for a little bit, and then I would just let it go and go well, that’s Phil being Phil. Can’t control him, that’s his thing, he ain’t me and I ain’t him so I don’t care what he does.”

You can check out the interview below:

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