AEW Star Reveals He Had Talks With WWE Before Signing A New Deal

Since AEW’s 2019 launch, WWE and AEW have been bidding on free agents. Tony Khan hopes to make a name for himself in the pro wrestling industry, bringing back the glory days of TNA Wrestling and the heights of WCW.

That means big money and big opportunities for wrestlers in WWE and All Elite Wrestling. Brian Cage, who signed with AEW in 2020, was one of the stars to benefit from this. His contract was set to expire in 2022, but the promotion extended his option year, and he later signed another contract. He has been used in both AEW and ROH television.

During an interview with Dan Severn and Eric Carroll on their ‘Unleashed’ show, the AEW star revealed that his agent had discussions with both WWE and AEW before signing a new long-term contract with AEW.

“My contract was coming up last year with AEW, and I was going back and forth with WWE and AEW with my agent. You know, trying to see where we should fit, and there’s pros and cons to both and a big reason — I mean, there’s a lot of reasons, but a reason big to stay with AEW was the fact that there was a lot more certainty so to speak. It’s not necessarily a guaranteed contract but more, for lack of a better term, the contract was essentially guaranteed compared to WWE’s which is — I mean, I could be signed there today, gone tomorrow, you know what I mean?”

Cage mentioned how he had to think about himself and his young family as AEW provided more security for them. He criticized AEW President Tony Khan for creating a family-like atmosphere in AEW and meets someone who cares about the people on his roster.

You can check out the complete interview below:

(H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription)