AJ Styles Explains His Side Of Saudi Arabia Travel Situation

During a Mixer gaming livestream, AJ Styles discussed the travel issues with getting home from Saudi Arabia. Here is a recap of what Styles said courtesy of Reddit user NXTmark:

There was an unspecified issue with the plane and they were originally not allowed to board. Something with paperwork.

They had called for a refueling service, but the servicemen, they were told, had gone home for the evening.

By the time this was sorted out, the pilots were no longer cleared to fly because their shift had timed out. They were then asked to find a hotel and wait for the next flight.

There were no guns or anything crazy like a hostage situation. His wife called worried about the rumors.

Once they finally got on the (second) flight home, one of the pilots sat with them in the cabin and explained there was some kind of service issue.

He’s not sure what happened with Vince and the Royal Prince, and it’s not his job to speculate.

Just wants to go to work and do the best job he can, and mentions there are a lot of good people at WWE, and are all on the same team.

Missed his son’s wrestling match and was very angry about that, but is just happy to be home.