Arn Anderson Announces Launch Of The Four Horsemen Network

(Photo Credit: AEW)

“Double A” is bringing back the band.

Sort of.

On Monday, Dominic Deangelo of Wrestling Writing sent along the following press release to formally announce the launch of The Four Horsemen Network by WWE Hall of Fame legend and former Four Horsemen member Arn Anderson.

The project will feature “The Enforcer” of the Four Horsemen teaming up with fellow pro wrestling legends Magnum TA and Greg Gagne to start a new streaming channel.

Check out the complete announcement below.

Arn Anderson Launches The Four Horsemen Network

‘The Enforcer’ Is Teaming With Magnum TA & Greg Gagne to start a new streaming channel.Arn Anderson has a lot more stories to tell of the world in pro wrestling and he’s bringing two more legends along for the ride under a faction wrestling fans are all too familiar with.

To kick off WrestleMania week, Arn Anderson unveiled his brand new Four Horsemen Network, a YouTube channel that won’t just feature new episodes of ARN but also all-new episodes of Straight Talk With The Boss: Magnum TA & Greg Gagne.

“I’ve known Magnum TA for decades,” Anderson said exclusively to Wrestling Writing. “I’ve worked with him in multiple organizations, and we have certainly had some memorable clashes over the years. Now in 2024, I’m happy to announce that Magnum and I will be partnering up to transform my YouTube channel into The Four Horsemen Network with both my show, ARN, and his podcast with Greg Gagne, Straight Talk With The Boss sharing the space to provide our fans with exciting, engaging content celebrating an unforgettable era in professional wrestling.

Get subscribed at and stay tuned…we are far from done.”

“Arn Anderson, ‘The Enforcer,’ and I go back to what was considered by many to be the golden era of Crockett Promotions,” said Magnum TA. “We’ve shared the ring on countless occasions and I could not be more excited to be apart of The Four Horseman Network! AA, The Boss and Greg Gagne all teamed up under the umbrella that was and is to this day the symbol of excellence. This should be an exciting ride. Straight Talk with the Boss heading your way on The Four Horsemen Network.”

Straight Talk With The Boss has Magnum TA and Greg Gagne putting the spotlight on the legends of yesteryear that have helped pave the way for pro wrestling to grow into the global entity it is now. They work together with to give fans and collectors the highest quality, most detailed wrestling figures on the market today. New episodes drop every Tuesday and the first one on the network will spotlight Anderson and The Four Horsemen.

Current episodes of ARN have been focusing on a pivotal time in WCW, when Hulk Hogan has entered the promotion. The chess pieces have been moving in a game of power all while Arn is working with a crop of rising talent in the business from Steve Austin to Dustin Rhodes.