Arn Anderson On Ole Anderson: “He Was A Cantankerous, Grumpy Son Of A B*tch”

(Photo Credit: AEW)

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson recently spoke on The Four Horsemen Network about a variety of professional wrestling topics including remember the late Ole Anderson, who passed away on February 26.

On the passing of Ole Anderson:

“First of all, condolences to his family. We’re grieving with you. Anytime we lose one of our family, and in this business, it happens more often than not. Some people don’t have a vehicle to reach out and say how sorry we are, so I’m glad we have this opportunity to do that.”

On Ole helping him out early during his career:

“Ole Anderson gave me a rub early in my career making me an Anderson and his partner and half of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew which launched me to the very seat I’m sitting in right now 40 years later, 40 plus years later, and it was a gift that most guys in our business never get a magic wand waved over their career like I did with just that association, first with Ole and then with the Horsemen, and we know how that went. That was a pretty successful deal as well. I just want to say that he was a mentor to me without even knowing it.”

Arn continued, “After the shows we make a trip up or we go back to the hotel, he didn’t tell me a lot of, this was good or this was bad or whatever the deal was. There wasn’t a lot of that going on, but I was studying everything he did in the ring. He was a mentor to me without even knowing it just from the psychology of what he did out there, the credibility, the believability that he brought to the business. I absorbed all that that I possibly could and some of it stuck, which I can pass on to Brock and I just want to say that he was a cantankerous, grumpy son of a b*tch. He really was, but I’ve learned long ago to treat people the way that you want to be treated and Ole was good to me and that’s all I can say.”