Backstage Latest On Drew McIntyre’s WWE Future

(Photo Credit: WWE)

There were those in WWE who didn’t want CM Punk back, so his return caused a bit of uncertainty in the company. Punk has repaired relationships with people such as Corey Graves, The Miz, and others.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Drew McIntyre’s contract situation and whether or not he will remain with WWE. Although nothing has been confirmed, Meltzer believes McIntyre will stay. McIntyre has expressed a desire to spend more time with his family, whom he does not see for extended periods of time. It was previously reported that McIntyre desired improved creativity, which has occurred in recent months.

“I don’t believe he’s going anywhere,” Meltzer said. “I know that when this thing became an issue, was before he did this character. I think the main thing was he was concerned that he wasn’t gonna get a shot. Things happen. If Punk hadn’t gotten hurt, who knows where he’d be on this show? Instead, because Punk got hurt he’s in the middle of the mix so he’s happy.”

Meltzer then stated that McIntyre was legitimately upset that Punk was back in WWE, and that when he walked out of the backstage area, it was because of Punk, despite initial reports indicating that he was upset about another issue.

Meltzer said, “Remember when Punk showed up, he legitimately was not happy. He did walk out. I know people think that one was a work and conveniently with hindsight, they’ll probably bring it up but on that night it was not a work. Seth was a work because Seth was gonna be the one to work with Punk at the time.”