Backstage Latest On Kazuchika Okada Future Amidst WWE And AEW Interest

As previously reported, Kazuchika Okada will leave NJPW for either WWE or AEW in early 2024, after his contract with the promotion expires later this month.

Okada has been on the radar of some in WWE for quite some time, as WWE is the only thing he has never done after doing everything in NJPW. Okada was thought to be significantly underpaid while competing and being a top star for New Japan Pro Wrestling compared to what he could be earning in America, whether working for WWE or AEW.

Both WWE and AEW made bids for him, and it was thought that AEW made the better first offer, but no contract was signed.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that both parties still believe they have a chance to sign him.

“He’s gonna go to whoever makes the best offer. I’ve heard from people and talked to people who know him very well, who have talked to him in the last day or two. And he has not decided. It’s not like a secret. He just hasn’t decided yet. I know people in AEW who think they’ve got him. I know people in AEW who hope they’ve got him but don’t think they’ve got him. I know people in WWE who hope they’re gonna get him and who believe person mentioned…..he wants the legacy, and it’s kinda like they’re like, ‘Well, maybe we can pay him less, but you can have your WrestleMania moment”. And again, what his goal is in his life, for some people that means more and either way he’s gonna make great money.”

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