Backstage News On Dijak’s WWE Departure

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Despite the fact that WWE never attempted to negotiate with Dijak, he has unexpectedly announced that today will be his last day working under a WWE contract. This is a shocking move because it was unexpected.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, Dijak was informed of the news after his WWE Speed match with Xavier Woods, which was filmed within the last two weeks. It’s unclear when they decided against renewing it. Dijak stated in an interview with the outlet that he believes WWE intended to let his contract expire for a while.

Sources told Fightfu’s Corey Brennan that Dijak was well-liked and praised by company officials. They were told that NXT’s head of creative, Shawn Michaels, was a big fan of Dijak’s despite their previous minor creative differences. Dijak stated that Michaels called him directly to welcome him back to the NXT brand, where he would fly for weeks for training because he lives in New Hampshire.

They were left with unanswered questions about why Dijak was never used on the main roster, though talent frequently expressed their surprise that Dijak wasn’t a regular on TV. Dijak said he knew something was up when he wasn’t included in the plans for WWE Raw, just weeks after being pushed to the main roster.

Dijak was not brought to Raw events for several weeks at a time, and his schedule was frequently switched between Main Event and Speed tapings, with no plans to use him on Raw. There were no creative plans in place when he was called up to Raw.

A source said “that early negotiations had begun recently and that they were positive preliminary negotiations before official negotiations began.” However, after those talks ended, there was no further discussion until they informed him that his contract would not be renewed.

Those who spoke with Fightful were surprised that WWE didn’t try to negotiate with Dijak. According to one former WWE wrestler, 20 years ago, Dijak “would have had a job till his legs fell off.” Dijak is said to have a lot of interest both inside and outside of professional wrestling.