Backstage News On Kevin Dunn Leaving WWE And His Future Plans

For years, Kevin Dunn, one of Vince McMahon’s most trusted employees and one of the most powerful people behind the scenes, oversaw WWE TV production.

As previously reported, he recently gave his notice to the company, as his contract expired at the end of 2023, and more details about his departure are still emerging.

Dunn’s influence has dwindled in the last year or so, as previously reported, with McMahon no longer in charge. His decision to leave was motivated by internal changes implemented since TKO took over following the merger, with one source stating Dunn was “never going to do anything that was dictated” to him. He also did not want to change the production style from how he saw it.

According to PWInsider, Dunn left WWE of his own accord and has no plans to stop working. Instead, he’s researching possible film and television projects. He’s unlikely to do anything wrestling-related.

Despite being praised when he left, the report stated that “Dunn exited because he felt disrespected and was a “Vince McMahon Guy,” as one source stated. Let’s be honest – Dunn was THE Vince McMahon Guy.”

They were told that the two sides’ relationship has become increasingly strained in recent weeks. Even after Dunn gave his notice during the Christmas season, one source said it was “getting uglier.”

Dave Meltzer of also stated, “It was Dunn’s decision to leave, which one source said dated back about two months when Endeavor started wanting to make budget cuts to improve profitability in the department and started making decisions on the production side without relying on his opinions. Dunn had been basically autonomous in his position for decades, only having to answer to Vince McMahon. With McMahon out of power many did feel this was inevitable.”